Brittany Cartwright Returns to Social Media With a Message: Jax Taylor Is the Best Husband Ever!

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Ever since Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute were fired from Vanderpump Rules, the rest of the cast has been keeping a low profile on social media.

We don't blame them, since most of them are guilty of equally problematic behavior, and calling attention to themselves would mean calling attention to the fact that they somehow still have jobs.

Jax and Brittany

Take, for example, Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright.

It could be argued that these two are guilty of even more egregious bigotry than Schroeder and Doute, and yet, they're still employed by Bravo, a network whose progressive ally credentials are rightly being called into question.

Stassi and Kristen were fired for calling the cops on Faith Stowers, their only Black co-star, and an innocent waitress/reality star who had nothing to do with the crimes of which she was accused.

Jax and Brittany on Zoom

As Faith reiterated recently, Jax also accused her of those crimes, and he doubled-down by claiming she was AWOL from the Army during her time on Vanderpump Rules.

In a recent interview, Stowers also revealed that Brittany called her a "nappy-headed ho" during an argument that took place in 2018.

That revelation came on the heels of an unrelated scandal in which Jax and Brittany hired a homophobic pastor to perform their wedding ceremony, kept him on despite revelations of his bigotry, and fired him only when Lisa Vanderpump insisted they do so.

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright Kiss

Needless to say, Jax and Brittany have done much to claim their place as Reality TV's Worst Couple during their first year as man and wife.

And now, Brittany is breaking her social media silence in order to mark the anniversary of this unholy union.

Cartwright posted the pic below along with a caption singing her husband's praises.

Brittany & Jax Wedding Photo

"Happy 1 year anniversary honey!" Brittany captioned the pic.

"Thank you for making me laugh every single day and for being my best friend. You’re my lobster and I love you to pieces."

The lobster line is a reference to an episode of Friends.

The Vanderpump stars' constant Friends allusions achieve roughly the same effect as their casual bigotry:

Brittany Cartwright and Jax

It reminds everyone that we're dealing with people who are afflicted with terminal cases of Basic Whiteness.

We kid. There's nothing wrong with being a Friends fan.

There is, however, something seriously wrong with the fact that neither Jax nor Brittany has apologized for their treatment of Faith, which leads us to the conclusion that they think they did nothing wrong.

Jax Taylor & Brittany Cartwright on Instagram

Anyway, this week's anniversary reminds us that Jax and Brittany's wedding was featured on the most recent season of Vanderpump at about the midway mark, which means the cast and crew had been in production for several weeks already.

This year, at the same point, no filming has taken place at all.

That's primarily due to the coronavirus pandemic, of course.

But given the stars' lack of remorse for their appalling behavior, we wouldn't be surprised if Vanderpump Rules has wrapped for good.

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