90 Day Fiance Star Brittany Stirs Rumors: Is Yazan Dating a Sugar Baby?

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In April, the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 2 trailer had everyone hyped for both new stars and returning couples.

But as the season begins, fans can't help but wonder about Brittany. Is she a sugar baby?

Brittany Banks and Yazan for 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

26-year-old Brittany is an American.

She's a gorgeous, fun model who enjoys showing off her body under the Florida sun.

Yazan is 24 years old and lives in Jordan.

It is expected that his conservative culture and elements of his Muslim faith, along with his family's wishes, may be an obstacle for this couple.

Brittany Banks is Excited and Nervous

There's more that can be said about the aspiring rapper and her mechanical engineer boo.

But what has viewers curious is Britanny's own account of her dating history.

Yazan may be younger than she is, but according to Brittany, this is a rare situation for her.

Many of her previous boyfriends, she reveals, have been older -- much, much older.

90 Day The Other Way: Yazan says Brittany looks so cute

Brittany informed the camera that she has dated men who are 40 and above.

That in itself is not so unusual.

Women are often socialized to mature faster than men, and this along with other cultural forces encourages them to seek older partners.

But Brittany has taken this age gap to new extremes.

90 Day The Other Way: Brittany can't wait to see her boo

According to her, dating men 15 years or more above her own age is small potatoes.

She has dated a man as old as 85 years old.

Now, we're not exactly mathematicians, but that seems to mean that she has dated a man who was three times her own age.

There's seeking older partners ... and then there's being a sugar baby.

Brittany Banks and Yazan on Instagram

There are two definitions of sugar baby (and sugar daddy) that we need to address.

One is a fairly informal term for a young person (usually a woman) who has a much older boyfriend, sought after because he is rich.

Such a man would be her sugar daddy. If they were to marry, she would become his "trophy wife," essentially.

Until then, she's arm candy. The other definition is a little more formal and, well, professional.

Brittany Banks and Yazan Get Cute on Instagram

Professionally speaking, a sugar baby is a type of sex worker who has a more formal arrangement.

She gets spoiled by her sugar daddy, either in terms of cash or jewelry or rent or other gifts -- often, all of the above.

In exchange, the two of them have a sexual relationship, though they may also have a dating-like rapport.

The question is ... is Brittany either of these? Because some 90 Day Fiance fans are saying yes to both.

Brittany Banks on Instagram

Brittany did make a joke about how some of the men whom she has dated were apparently turned on by her braces.

(Fun fact: braces are associated with adolescent minors, and if a man sincerely tells you that they're turning you on, he's a super mega creep)

But beyond that, we have seen no evidence -- concrete or otherwise -- that Brittany has engaged in sex work or that she only dates rich men.

Time may provide us all with more information, however. In the mean time, she and Yazan are one of the couples to watch this season.

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