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We all know from the leaked 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Tell All that Baby Girl Lisa Hamme called husband Usman Umar the N-word.

But the final Tell All that aired had edited out Usman’s revelation. Fans were furious, and are forcing TLC to take action.

Baby Girl Lisa Hamme and Usman Umar on Instagram

At the Tell All, after her fight with Big Ed Brown, Usman plainly called out Lisa for calling him the N-word, saying "you called me n—-r."

Lisa had already come under fire for using appalling slurs, including the N-word, on social media.

There is simply no excuse for any non-black person to use that word at all, but to call her husband that … well, it’s vile.

Compounded with the fact that she apparently felt free to use that slur and others on social media … it was not a good look.

Lisa Hamme Explains

Perhaps the only good thing that came from that was that Baby Girl Lisa and Usman split.

(Come on, you know that they needed to)

She accused him of using her to further his rap career.

Usman retaliated by leaking Lisa’s hateful texts to him on social media.

Baby Girl Lisa Hamme Married to Usman Umar

But fans are absolutely furious that TLC apparently acted as a PR agent for Baby Girl Lisa.

They had already reportedly cast her on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Strikes Back, a spinoff in which stars confront their haters.

Was TLC trying to clean up her image to make her stay palatable to viewers so that they could continue to profit off of her bad behavior?

That might have worked at any other time … but right now, racism is getting called out at every level with resounding fury.

Shaun Robinson for the Before The 90 Days Season 4 Tell All

"If you don’t live it as a principle, don’t hashtag it for publicity," Tell All host Shaun Robinson vaguely admonishes on Instagram.

That powerful message carries a lot of real meaning.

During Black History Month and LGBTQ+ Pride Month every year, some of the companies claiming solidarity on social media have discriminatory policies.

Now, many companies are doing the same thing during these courageous nationwide protests — and not all of them are "walking the walk."

"How do you feel about TLC not airing the part where Usman accused Lisa of saying the N word?" asks one commenter.

The fan continues, asking: "When you heard it during the tell all did they tell you not to address it?"

"Is that why you were quiet?" the query concludes.

It sounds like Shaun may have been put in an impossible position by her job. Hosting a Tell All is no joke.

Shaun Robinson says Baby Girl Lisa Hamme n-word is

"Being handled as we speak," Shaun replies to the fan.

She clarifies: "That’s all I can say right now."

Shaun also includes a red heart emoji, seeming to indicate that she appreciated the fan’s concern and the question.

Obviously, that did not silence fan outrage as they accused editors and execs of covering for BGL.

Baby Girl Lisa Hamme Explains Her Frustrations

On Wednesday, Lisa was scheduled to do an interview on Instagram Live.

Hours before the appointed time, it was canceled — by TLC.

"Today’s interview with [Trenton Davis] and [Lisa Hamme] had been canceled due to TLC not allowing Lisa to do the interview," the statement read.

Are they trying to preserve her content for themselves … or are they trying to keep her from further tarnishing the 90 Day Fiance brand?

Baby Girl Lisa Hamme Does Not Like What She Hears

We know that reports are circulating right now saying that Baby Girl Lisa has been fully fired from Strikes Back.

Strikes Back is supposed to give the stars of this previous season — not all of them, but several of them — a chance to clap back.

Like on 90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined, they will film themselves on iPhones and iPads provided by production.

As they respond in their own words to what critics and haters have had to say, editors will trim down the footage into coherent episodes.

Baby Girl Lisa Hamme Loves Her Man

So, has Lisa been fired from one of the easiest-sounding gigs in the world?

While many fans are hoping that this will be the case … we’re not prepared to hold our breath.

Look, one of Lisa’s castmates was notorious monster Geoffrey Paschel. TLC has no problem with employing terrible people if they can make money.

If the fan outcry is loud and sustained enough, maybe they’ll take action. Let’s hope that Shaun is right that it’s being "handled."