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Avery Warner and Ash Naeck decided to make it work long distance on the 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days finale.

But as we all know, Ash and Avery have broken up since then, and he accuses her of being a liar. Now, we know why.

Avery and Ash

There were a lot of factors in Ash and Avery’s romance.

If Ash were to come to the US to join Avery, he would be leaving his son behind. They were very conscious of this.

At the finale, Avery returned to the United States. They were going to make it work via long distance for the time being.

Weeks ago, Ash confirmed that they were not together. What happened?

Photo via Instagram

Don’t get us wrong, we know that they had plenty of interpersonal issues on their season.

But apparently, they continued to break up and reconcile after Avery’s return to the states.

Remember: everything but the Tell All special was filmed many months ago.

And it turns out that their breakup involves a third party — one very familiar to 90 Day Fiance viewers.

Tom Brooks Projects Sincerity

According to Katrina of FraudedByTLC, the breakup stemmed from Ash’s friendship with castmate Tom Brooks.

"Ash asked Tom to test Avery’s commitment," the report claims.

"So," the Frauded blog continues, "Tom began communicating with Avery,"

"And," the report continues, Tom eventually "asked her out."

Tom Brooks is Back!

"She said yes," the FraudedByTLC report announces.

Apparently this agreement took place a mere two days after one of her many breakups with Ash."

"Only once the date was set, did she find out it was a set up," the report concludes.

Wow. That’s like something straight out of a sitcom.

Avery Warner at the Beach

To be clear, this doesn’t mean that Avery is some sort of cheater.

This report says that it was only after breaking up yet again with Ash that she agreed to go out with Tom.

Questions about her taste in men aside, that doesn’t make her a cheater.

But it sounds like it did make Ash question her commitment to making their relationship work.

Avery Warner and Ash Naeck

During TLC’s teaser for the Tell, All, we see Avery accuse Ash: "You have lied to my face."

"You ghost me for two weeks," we see Ash complain, before declaring: "It’s bulls–t."

Then Tom, who clearly lives for drama, weighs in saying: "I’m not willing to continue talking while she’s here."

We also see Avery shaking her head. What a messy mess for a bunch of adults to find themselves in, don’t you think?

Avery Warner, Ash Naeck, and Taj

Real talk? It sounds like while Tom was doing Ash a favor, Avery did herself a favor.

You know what’s a great sign that two people should break up?

If they keep breaking up. That’s a sign that things aren’t quite right and that they’re putting themselves through more stress than any relationship should involve.

If you have the instinct to break up, with rare exceptions, you should probably trust that.

Tom Brooks Arrives

But what about this deep shadiness on Tom’s part?

Fake-asking out a castmate at the behest of another?

We know that the dude clearly loves drama — he dated Darcey, after all — but that’s over the top.

He must have been so, so excited to share this story at the Tell All.