The Real Housewives of Orange County: Social Distancing is For Poor People!

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The current Real Housewives of Orange County have gotten COVID-shamed for recklessly meeting up during the pandemic.

But insiders say that they don't understand what they did wrong.

Braunwyn Windham Burke, Emily Simpson, Kelly Dodd, and Shannon Beador in Masks

Earlier this month, Braunwyn Windham-Burke, Emily Simpson, Shannon Beador, and Kelly Dodd met up.

The ladies wore masks -- and were advertising a particular brand, of course -- and snapped selfies together.

They were well within the 6 foot minimum distance required by social distancing.

However, apparently since they were wearing masks, they "didn’t see anything wrong" with their mid-pandemic get-together.

Emily Simpson, Shannon Beador, Braunwyn Windham Burke not "following the rules"

A couple of inside sources spoke to HollywoodLife about this ill-advised get-together.

"Kelly [Dodd], Shannon [Beador], Emily [Simpson] and Braunwyn [Windham–Burke] got together last weekend on their own and filmed," a source says.

"Everything was self-filmed," the insider shares, "and it was actually the ladies’ idea to do it."

"The ladies hadn’t seen each other in person since March," the source adds, "when Bravo stopped filming [due to the coronavirus]."

Gina Kirschenheiter, Kelly Dodd, Braunwyn Windham-Burke, and Emily Simpson

Now, another concern that more eagle-eyed and devoted fans had spotted was Kelly's presence, at any distance, during the gathering.

Kelly has been flying all willy-nilly between Los Angeles where she lives with her daughter and New York City, where fiance Rick Leventhal lives.

Traveling at all for non-essential reasons is enough of a yikes without it being between two major population centers.

To make matters worse, Kelly's vile, inescusable statements about COVID-19 told a lot of fans that she might take more risks than others.

Kelly Dodd and Rick Leventhal Are Engaged

"The ladies from RHOC were not at all concerned to be with Kelly Dodd last weekend," the insider shares.

The source details that "Kelly came to town for a little over a week from New York to see Jolie and her mom."

'The ladies have all been staying home and didn’t see anything wrong with what they did," the insider adds.

"They’ve all stayed in communication on text daily," the source reveals, "and really missed Kelly."

John Janssen, Shannon Beador, Kelly Dodd, and Rick Leventhal

"[The cast] loves Kelly dearly," another insider notes.

"They feel Kelly is entitled to do whatever she wants to do," the source characterizes.

The insider continues: "just like they are when it comes to social distancing and her beliefs."

"But," the source claims, "nobody was worried."

Shannon Beador and Braunwyn Windham-Burke Party with John Janssen and Sean Windham-Burke

"They’ve really missed being together and filming," the insider shares, "and can’t wait to get back together when this is over."

The source adds that they are eager "as they were really just getting going [on Season 15]."

Yes, though a number of shows in the franchise have been airing during the pandemic as they had already been filmed, RHOC was actively filming.

For years, the show has filmed in the late winter and early, with events airing about 8 months after being filmed.

Braunwyn Windham Burke Selfie with Shannon Beador

Fortunately, though the Housewives were all too cavalier about gathering in masks, we hope that they have learned their lesson.

"Happy Birthday, Gina Kirschenheiter!" Emily Simpson posted on Monday, May 11.

"The original plan was to throw you a big, sparkly birthday bash this year," she wrote, "but unfortunately that didn’t happen."

"But next year nothing but sparkles and confetti for you!" Emily vowed. "Happy birthday and I can’t wait until we can celebrate!"

Gina Kirschenheiter for Season 15

Gina Kirschenheiter saw the sweet tribute from her friend and castmate.

"I love you!!" she wrote in a comment.

Gina then added: "I’ll settle just for a coffee date"

We are sure that she, of course, meant a coffee date after the pandemic is at an end.

facepalm emoji - google woman

Not all Real Housewives are as confused about social distancing rules as the current stars seem to have been earlier this month.

Tamra Judge was quick to respond when she saw the pictures of her former friends, castmates, and enemies snapping selfies together.

Recognizing that you cannot social distance with your heads pressed together, Tamra responded with the facepalm emoji.

If you're unfamiliar with the gesture, it implies frustration at the foolishness of others.

Vicki Gunvalson on Her Insta

Tamra is not the only former Housewife who is tired of the clownery.

Though initially, fans worried that Vicki ws not taking the pandemic seriously, she quickly changed her tune.

The OG of the OC has expressed concerns about the economic toll of remaining on lockdown, which has worried fans.

But she does seem to at least be taking the lockdown order seriously, bad opinion or not.

Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge Dine Without Drama

Or at least, if she's been ignoring rules, she has not been broadcasting her mistakes.

We hate to say it, but we'd prefer that -- making a show of taking things seriously while privately not doing so -- to the alternative.

When celebrities pretend to follow rules while openly breaking them, some easily influenced fans may do the same.

Stars are paid big bugs to endorse products for a reason -- some people are eager to tread in their footsteps. Fame comes with responsibility.

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