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Over the past few weeks, you’ve probably heard quite a few amateur epidemiologists spout quite a lot of nonsense on social media.

Sadly, some of the people spreading dangerous misinformation and cruelly insensitive hot takes are public figures with massive audiences.

Kelly Dodd Speaks at the Season 14 Reunion
Photo via Bravo

The latest to join the rapidly growing club of celebrity Covidiots is Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd.

When Dodd posted a photo from an airplane in a since-deleted Instagram post, fans were quick to point out that this is not the ideal time for air travel.

As is so often the case when celebs are called out for doing something foolish, Kelly immediately made the situation worse with an ill-advised attempt at defending her actions.

“If it’s dangerous why are the airlines still flying? You think I want to fly?” Dodd replied, demonstrating C. Montgomery Burns levels of privileged tone-deafness.

Dodd is Frank
Photo via Bravo

“I had to get back how is that elitist?? People are so judge mental [sic] it’s sick!!” she added.

When fans pointed out to her that her travel seemed to be less than essential (we understand she needed to get home, but why did she travel to her destination in the first place?), Dodd offered a string of nonsensical rationalizations.

She claimed “there was no one at the airport” or “on my plane,” and that no one was “infested with germs there.”

So, Kelly not only chartered a private jet, but also flew it herself?

Kelly Dodd Talks
Photo via BRAVO

From there, things really got offensive as Dodd argued that the pandemic is “Gods way of thinning the herd,” and those who passed away from the disease “would’ve died this year” anyway because “they were compromised.”

“Do you know how many people died from the h1n1 the swine flu or SARS ?? It’s 25% get your facts straight you are only hearing the numbers not the reality!!” she continued.

“If you are vulnerable or compromised stay inside if you don’t protect others by wearing masks and gloves keep your distance and don’t go out if you are ill !! It’s common sense !”

Kelly Dodd Fumes
Photo via Bravo

That asinine argument comes just one day after Kelly posted (and deleted) a video in which she could be seen shrieking as her doctor administered a coronavirus test by shoving a long swab into each of her nostrils.

“Don’t move! Don’t move!” her doctor shouted as Kelly writhed in agony.

You’d think avoiding that experience would be reason enough to stay home. Guess not.

Fans are accustomed to hot takes from Dodd, but they usually have to do with her feelings towards her co-stars, not her thoughts about a deadly virus.

Kelly Dodd Picture
Photo via Bravo

As we stated earlier, many celebrities have been judged harshly for their perceived mishandling of the coronavirus crisis.

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moved to LA at a time when most Americans were afraid to move from their living rooms, they were called insensitive.

When Jim Bob Duggar ignored safety guidelines by continuing to host large gatherings at his home, he was derided as a dangerous conspiracy theorist.

But Kelly may have taken things to a new level by engaging in foolishly risky behavior and then lashing out at those who called her on it.

We’d say she deserves a pat on the back, but it’s much too risky to touch her at this point.