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The global pandemic continues to ravage all facets of human society.

Some countries around the world are trying to go back to “normal.”

Others are losing citizens faster than they can count at this point.

Here in the U.S., public opinion on the path forward is mixed – or at least nuanced – and at times, debate has been intense.

It’s no surprise that some are looking to the future and concerned that some aspects of current lockdown orders are overkill.

Expressing such an opinion – in the form of a plea for Governor Gavin Newsom to reopen certain service businesses in California – landed Vicki Gunvalson in some hot water this week.

Now, the legendary Real Housewives of Orange County star is addressing that controversial Twitter plea, speaking exclusively to The Hollywood Gossip to explain and clarify her meaning.

Unlike some callous and malicious statements made by people she could’ve named (she didn’t, but we can’t help but do so), Vicki says that she only has people’s best interests at heart.

Allow Gunvalson to explain below – we’re sure she’ll be addressing the matter on her popular Whoop It Up With Vicki podcast, airing on Podcast One, as well – and see if you agree with her: