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Just weeks after Scheana was COVID-shamed for her cavalier attitude towards the lockdown, she’s facing another PR nightmare.

On Vanderpump Rules, she appeared to be flirting with or even actively hitting on an underage boy … and she is furious with the editors.

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Following what appeared to be Scheana having an inappropriate conversation with Stassi’s underage brother, Nikolai, fans were incensed.

"Ok but we can also talk about how once again the producers did Sheshu dirty with the editing?" a fan tweeted. "@scheana can’t get a break!"

"But her interview about it was just as creepy," claimed another tweeter, "so I think she almost was!!"

Scheana saw the discourse cropping up and decided to make it unequivocably clear that she is not some sort of ephebophile creeper.

Scheana Marie in Shades
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Scheana’s interview, when she talked about how young of a guy she might date, was never connected to Nikolai until the editors got to work.

"’About it’??? It was most definitely NOT about Nikolai," Scheana fired back in a tweet.

"You ppl are disgusting for thinking this," she accused. "He’s a kid I’ve watched grow up."

"How the hell else do you talk to a teenage boy at a dinner table? Should I have ignored him?" Scheana very fairly asked.

In other words, Scheana had a conversation with a minor whom she knows, but producers merged it with her talking about dating younger guys.

"It’s pretty gross of the editors for trying to put that ‘boy crazy’ spin on that conversation," a fna opined in a tweet.

That tweet continued: "I mean, heaven forbid they give you ONE scene where you aren’t made to look thirsty."

Scheana is one of the powerhouses behind Vanderpump Rules. She’s dramatic (and thirsty).

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"It was obvious that you were just being friendly to him and not flirting with him," another fan assured Scheana in the replies.

"Teenagers are awkward. Why else could you say?" another tweeter agreed.

That same fan added: "Producers are wrong for editing it like this… imagine if it were one of the guys speaking to a teenage girl?"

This fan is not the only one to mention how editors seemed to overlook the seriousness of what they were portraying because Scheana is a woman.

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To say that Scheana and Stassi did not always get along would be a massive understatement.

They’re no longer archenemies, at least, and Stassi came to Scheana’s defense.

"Girl, you were harmless," she assured her. "And watching that scene had me rolling."

Stassi added: "Whoever’s saying it’s inappropriate is a weirdo."

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"I agree with you," another fan wrote. "I’m pretty pissed that bravo would even think to imply such a thing.”

“I wonder if when they asked her what the youngest she would date if she had any idea what they were implying?" the fan mused.

"Were they talking about the kid & then they asked her," the tweet asked, "or separate interviews?"

It turns out that this tweet hit the nail right on the head.

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"Nooooo," Scheana replied to the fan.

"Last summer there was a 21 year old (and looked way older) who met at a bar and we went hung a few times," she shared.

"That’s why I said that," she clarified. "Had ZERO to do w Nikolai."

Scheana then added of Nikolai: "That kid is like a little bro to me."

Scheana Shay on Bravo
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"Production is doing @scheana dirty this season!" another fan declared.

"There’s no way in hell she hit on Stassi’s infant brother – that interview clip after was clearly cut from something else," the tweet continued.

"Of course it was about something else," Scheana chimed in.

She added: "And I’m sorry, is Nikolai 21?? No."

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"If any of the boys, ANY had been shown in a similar scene with a teenage girl so much backlash would’ve happen[ed]," another tweet added.

Yeah, a grown man in his mid-30s hitting on an underage teen would be so inherently sinister that editors wouldn’t dare to make it appear to happen.

"Ya my PR team is not happy!" Scheana declared.

The same sexist double-standards that portray women as sexual rewards for men make our culture view female sexual predators less seriously.

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However, that is slowly changing as more people become aware that an underage boy can be just as much a victim as a girl his age would be.

Scheana is so many things, and some of them aren’t exactly compliments.

But she’s not a sexual predator. She’s not an ephebophile.

And given Scheana’s track record of blurting out things foolishly, if she were, we all would have known for a long, long time.