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In a sense, the lives our favorite guidos are more fascinating than ever before.

In recent years, the Jersey Shore gang has gotten married and divorced; some of them have had kids; and some are devoutly sober, while others continue to party like they’re on a never-ending spring break.

Jersey Shore Cast Drinking

Sadly, these developments are largely absent from the show, which continues to focus on pranks, catchphrases and staged drama, such as the weirdness that went down at Angelina Pivarnick’s wedding.

But despite their best efforts to make the show as boring and uneventful as possible, Shore producers occasionally stumble onto something interesting.

For example, on Thursday’s episode, we’ll finally get to see JWoww and Pauly D hook up.

Previews for the episode show the two of them rolling around on a bed and getting handsy with one another.

“The last time we did this, I showed you my penis,” Pauly says.

At that point, Snooki asks if JWoww and Pauly are “gonna bang or what?”

That’s when Pauly requests for some privacy. 

JWoww Hooks Up With Pauly D

He doesn’t get what he asked for, of course, because in many ways the Shore crew behaves like a bunch of middle-schoolers … and we love them for it.

“He’s in her bed,” Vinny says as he spies on the unofficial mom and dad of the guido gang.

“Woah, like, 10 years later! It’s full circle!”

Yes, as long time Shore fans know, the attraction between Jenni and Pauly has been simmering for quite some time.

Way back in the show’s first season, these two kissed, and Pauly gave Jenni a glimpse of Little Pauly.

The hookup didn’t go any further, however, which was probably the right call.

There’s no way that Jenni and Pauly could have known then that they would still be cohabiting ten years later, but if they’d embarked on a relationship, things could’ve gotten seriously awkwaaard, as Pauly would say.

So how far will these two go this time around?

JWoww and Pauly D

Well, it’s tough to say.

The preview makes it look like they take it all the way to Smush Town, but that could just be a case of clever editing.

These days, Jenni and Zack Carpinello are back together, but she was single — and seemingly ready to mingle — at the time the episode was filmed.

Of course, it remains possible that this was nothing more than a flirty prank.

Pauly D With a Beard

Increasingly, the Shore-mates are holed up in hotel rooms and instructed to make something happen.

That might have led to Jenni and Pauly deciding to give the fans something to talk about with a momentary dalliance.

Whatever the case, this is the most interesting thing to happen in Shore land since Pauly D’s quarantine beard.