Zack Carpinello to JWoww: Thanks For Taking Me Back & Making Me Relevant Again!

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Well, a new season of Jersey Shore is upon us, and while the premiere episode might have been largely drama free, the coming weeks promise some major developments.

At least that's what we think. Like, eventually we will get to see Mike Sorrentino get released from prison ... right?

Jersey Shore Cast Drinking

That's something Shore fans have been awaiting for several months, of course.

But sadly, we're in for some developments that have been much less eagerly anticipated.

Take for example, the retirement of Snooki ...

... of the return of 24.

Jennifer Farley and Clayton Carpinello at the VMAs

Yes, as you may have heard Jenni Farley is back together with Zack Carpinello, otherwise known as 24 in reference to his youth.

Actually, 24 is 25 now, however, it doesn't appear that his nickname has been updated.

But hopefully, everything else about this guy has changed since last we saw him.

Jenni broke up with Zack last year after he groped Angelina Pivarnick and tried to arrange a threesome -- all of which was documented by MTV cameras.

Jenni and Zack: Back Together

But eventually, Carpinello wore down Farley's defenses and she welcomed him back into her life.

JWoww celebrated her 34th birthday this week, and Zack took to Instagram to sing her praises.

“You are amazing in so many ways,” Carpinello wrote.

“Because you are a great mother. Because of your passion for what you believe in," he went on.

Zack and JWoww

"Because we are always honest with each other. Because you laugh so much more than others see. Because we share so many of the same qualities.”

If you thought he was gonna stop there, you don't understand how badly this dude effed up last year.

“Because you know your value,” Zack wrote.

“Because you are authentic. Because integrity means a lot to you,” he continued.

This is Zack Carpinello

“We are so special together. Because we grow together every day. Because you are my best friend. Because our love is incredible. I love you more than anything,” he finally concluded.

Jenni was bit more succinct in her reply writing simply, “I love you.”

For the most part, she's been pretty tight-lipped about her love life recently, but she has defended Zack on a few occasions.

“Again, you saw a glimpse in my relationship on TV when we were 6 weeks in and you haven’t really seen it since,” she wrote on Instagram when they first gor back together.

Jenni Farley and Zack Clayton Carpinello

“I would never accept anything but greatness by my side and that’s what 24 proved … to be everything I needed when I thought I didn’t need anyone,” she added.

We're guessing this season of Shore will leave some fans questioning Jenni's definition of grestness, but that's a conversation for another time.

For now, we'll just wish JWoww a happy birtnday, and all the best with 24.

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