Pauly D Grew a Quarantine Beard and Twitter Cannot Handle It!

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None of us has ever experienced anything like the coronavirus pandemic before, and we're all dealing with it in different ways.

Baking and growing facial hair seem to be two of the most popular coping mechanisms, and it seems that Jersey Shore star Pauly D has decided to jump on at least half of the bread and beards bandwagon.

Pauly D With a Beard

Yes, believe it or not, that's Pauly D.

Now, it's not like the guy decided to grow some huge, bushy Duck Dynasty beard.

It's just some slight scruff that's probably the result of two or three days away from the razor.

But Pauly prides himself on his militant grooming regimen, and he's been rocking the same look for his entire decade in the spotlight.

Pauly D Poppin'

As the rest of the Shore gang has gravitated toward a more vaguely hipster/aging millennial aesthetic, Pauly has remained fully committed to his early-aughts guido look, which was arguably outdated by the time he made his TV debut back in 2009.

The blowout hairdo, the sleveless tees, the big gold chains, the garish tribal tattoos (no going back on that one, we suppose), and the clean-shaven face are all part of the official Pauly D uniform.

So it's not surprising that Jersey Shore fans on Twitter were flat-out blown away by the sight of bearded Pauly D.

And their made for some truly hilarious tweets:

Pauly to the D

"I was about to say 'hahaha this person looks like Pauly D' but it really is just Pauly D looking like someone pretending to be Pauly D," wrote one user.

"why does Pauly D look like Ronnie dressed up as Pauly D," a second noted.

A third fan echoed that sentiment, writing, "This is what Ronnie & Pauly D’s kid would look like."

Of course, some folks pointed out that the more things change, the more they stay the same:

DJ Pauly D Photograph

"Now that’s consistency. Not even ONCE since 2009 has this man ever looked in the mirror and gone 'hm maybe I’ll switch the hair up today,'” one fan tweeted.

And believe it or not the world's most famous guido DJ has more surprises in store.

We still haven't reached the point in the Shore season where Pauly hooks up with Jenni Farley, which should create some waves considering she's back with Zack Carpinello these days.

What's next? Getting rid of the blowout?! 

Nah, let's not go crazy ...

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