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According to a shocking new report, The Real Housewives of Atlanta fans may need to get ready.

They may need to prepare themselves.

They may need to face the following reality about this long-running reality show:

The Real Housewives of Atlanta1

Two of the show’s most veteran cast members are about to get the axe. 

MTO News alleges that Cynthia Bailey and Eva Marcille will most likely NOT return next season, a development that would come as a huge surprise to long-time fans of the franchise.

The aforementioned celebrity gossip website quotes an executive at Bravo and writes that "the higher ups have all but decided that the cast needs a shakeup."

Why would Bailey and Marcille be the ones to go?

"Cynthia and Eva’s storylines were the weakest," this executive has supposedly said, adding:

"We knew there was going to be a change going forward, bring in new Housewives and get rid of [some] old ones.

"It’s important to constantly refresh the cast with new blood."

To be clear, however, despite rumors to the contrary earlier this year, producers are not considering getting rid of Nene Leakes because "the best part of the show," this source says.

We’ll go ahead and leave that debate up to our readers.

As for Bailey and Marcille and when they’ll be informed that they’ll be unemployed?

"They’ll be notified the final decision after the reunion show airs," this report concludes. "Until then, they have no idea that they’re [likely] out of a job."

Turns out, however, that this isn’t exactly true. Not in the age of social media and the Internet and how quickly speculation can spread.

Cynthia Bailey on Instagram
Photo via Instagram

“I have no plans to leave RHOA at this time. Every year there are rumors saying that I am getting fired, or not returning,” Bailey just told The Shade Room.

“I’ve been a peach holder consistently for 10 years now. I love my cast, and my Bravo family. I am looking forward to next season," she added.

Bailey also addressed the rumor that she was offered a reduced role at a much lower pay rate.

“That is completely false,” she told the outlet. “We just recently filmed the reunion, and have not started contract negotiations yet."

Cynthia Bailey and Her Hair
Photo via Getty

Of course, if Bailey is getting fired, the above quotes don’t really apply — because she wouldn’t have any say in her new contract and her "plans" to leave the show or not would be irrelevant.

The Sun, meanwhile, claims that Phaedra Parks is actually under consideration to replace Bailey.

The 46-year old was fired from the Bravo program in 2017 after co-star Porsha Williams accused her of spreading nasty rumors about Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker’s sex life … involving sex and drugs.

(These rumors were vehemently denied at the time.)

Phaedra Parks Laughs It Up
Photo via Getty Images for Warner Bros.

We can’t confirm the validity of this report. However:

"Phaedra is in talks to come back to the show," The Sun insider writes, elaborating as follows;

"RHOA is still the highest-rated Housewives series, but producers feel it hasn’t been as interesting so they want Phaedra to return."

What might this mean for Kandi Burruss, though?

Phaedra Parks at a Screening
Photo via Getty Images for Focus Features

Just last year, Kandi told People Magazine that if Phaedra were to ever return to the show…

“You know, for me it’s like if that’s what they wanna do I’m fine, I’m cool. But I just won’t be a part of that."

Parks, for her part, previously told The Daily Mail that she’d be open to a return.

“I never say never to any opportunities, but I had a good run and you know, I’m very happy right now," the polarizing personality said after she was given the boot.