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Did it really happen on Thursday night?!?

After weeks of build-up, speculation and hype, did JWoww and Pauly D really take their relationship to the next level?

Which is to say:

JWoww and Pauly D
Photo via MTV

Did these longtime friends and Jersey Shore: Family Vacation stalwarts finally rip off the band aid and smush?

Following her break-up from Zack Carpinello – after all that bonkers Angelina/Las Vegas drama – JWoww was single on the latest installment of this MTV reality show – and so ready to mingle.

JWoww Drunk
Photo via MTV

While the entire clique celebrated Pivarnick’s bachelorette weekend in New Orleans, long-simmering feelings between Jenni and Pauly resurfaced … big time.

As the group of friends went out on the town, Angelina said the co-stars were “flirting,” and Snooki felt they were “vibing” – and The Situation agreed, saying he was getting “Season 1 vibes” from the duo.

In other words, a trip to Pound Town was inevitable, right?

Jenni Confesses
Photo via MTV

When the party moved to a strip club, Pauly started asking how much Jenni charged for a lap dance.

“I would pay infinity for that lap dance … I’ll give you my routing number,” he quipped.

“If we’re gonna cheat, we’re gonna make it worth it,” Pauly also said to Jenni, as she emphasized that she was actually single.

Every single one of their colleagues – literally, every single one — wanted to see them hook up, yet it was Deena who put it best:

“I would love to see Pauly and Jenni do sex.”

Photo via MTV

After an evening of drinking and dancing, everyone went back to the hotel… except for Jenni and Snooki, who was totally passed out.

In a group confessional, Deena kept winning by stating very simply of Pauly: “He wants to f-ck Jenni,” to which the DJ responded:

“I do! Don’t tell her.”

JWOWW at the MTV Movie and TV Awards
Photo via Getty Images

From there, Pauly joined Jenni in bed, telling her how amazing she looked.

He also smelled his crush as they cuddled up with each other. (Snooki, naturally, was half-asleep and half-mumbling in the next bed over).

As Jenni said she loved Pauly too much to hook up, he shot back:

Pauly D Poppin'
Photo via Tumblr

“I would put it right in, though,” he said.

“I would take it out, put it back in, take it out and put it back in. This is the best day of my life. I’d put it right in, but I have too much respect for her.”

Yup, folks, he really said all this.

JWoww Hooks Up With Pauly D
Photo via Instagram

Everyone else, of course, was right outside the door during this exchange, chanting “F-CK HER! F-CK HER!”

Alas, it didn’t happen.

“I would never disrespect you. I would never make you do anything that would jeopardize anything,” Pauly told JWoww.

Photo via MTV

Class guy in the end. Well, mostly.

While there was some snuggling and cheek-kissing, nothing else went down. Or, perhaps we should say more accurately, no one went down.

“When I get that green light, I’m going to f–k the shit out of you,” Pauly hilariously added as he walked out.

Why didn’t any porking actually take place, even though he admitted he wanted to get it in so bad?

Jenni told Angelina that Pauly previously turned her down after her divorce from Roger Mathews and she decided at that time she never wanted to try again.

Nor did she wanna ruin their friendship.

Pauly to the D
Photo via Getty

“I feel like, there actually would have to be substance there before I sleep with him,” she explained.

“This isn’t 10 years ago.”

Pauly, though?

Angelina and JWoww
Photo via Instagram

In case we weren’t keenly aware of his stance on the issue, he told Angelina he would have been DTF.

“I wanted to, but I didn’t know if I was supposed to cross that line or not,” he said.

He says he was he also concerned she wasn’t totally done with Carpinello.

Jenni and Zack: Back Together
Photo via Instagram

“If I got the green light that she was done with dude, yes.”

However, “in my eyes, she’s not done with dude.”

The episode concluded with Jenni simply saying they’ll “wait and see” what happens next, realizing both of them would be going solo to Angelina’s wedding … which was a whole ‘nother story.