Jenelle Evans Gets Drunk With Tori Rhyne, Torments Dog In Disturbing Video

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Longtime Teen Mom 2 fans will recognize the name Tori Rhyne from her rollercoaster, decade-long friendship with the show's most notorious trainwreck, Jenelle Evans.

Jenelle famously kicked the crap out of Tori in the early days of her fame, and the video helped cement Teen Mom's place as one of the messiest franchises on TV.

Tori 3

But these days, it seems that Jenelle and Tori are back on good terms.

In fact, they're disregarding social distancing recommendations so that they can get day-drunk together.

In a series of videos that briefly appeared in Rhyne's Instagram Story and TikTok account, Jenelle, Tori, and an unidentified male could be seen sipping booze pool time during what appeared to be the middle of the day.

Here's Tori enjoying a beer and being encouraged to jump in Jenelle's pool.

Tori 2

Note that Evans' kids are nowhere to be found.

The party continued into the night, by which point, Tori was feeling tipsy enough to "ride" Jenelle's dog.

(To be fair, it appears that she kept her feet on the ground, but as many fans pointed out, the situation still could have ended in disaster.)

It's only been a few months since Jenelle regained custody of her kids, so naturally, fans were quick to point out to her that this is a less-than-ideal time to broadcast her hard-partying ways on social media.

Tori 1

"Oh this is a whole ass mess. Something bad is going to happen on the way David is okay with this," wrote one follower.

"And how f--king embarrassing for the kids. Finally, social distancing?? Um hello?? God they are such trash."

Several other fans echoed those fears.

Some focused their attention on concern for the dog, which is not surprising, given David and Jenelle's history of animal abuse.

Jenelle Evans and Nugget

"That poor dog! What an embarrassing sloppy mess. Grow the f--k up Jenelle," one follower wrote.

"You have three children to care for and have no business hosting this s--t show or participating in it. Where was David during all of this? This is all a bad accident or 911 waiting to happen."

Others paid more attention to the fact that Jenelle seems unconcerned about social-distancing.

"Also why are they together? Social distancing doesn't apply on the land?" wrote a third critic.

Jenelle Evans, Tori Rhyne

A fourth commenter summed up the situation more succinctly, writing simply, "What a mess...smh."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

And sadly, that phrase sums up just about everything in Jenelle's life these days.

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