Hannah Brown: I Wanted to Throw Up When Jed Wyatt Proposed to Me!

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In recent seasons, the Bachelor franchise has not been terribly successful in terms of creating lasting love connections.

Sure, Peter Weber is dating Kelley Flanagan these days, but it took 16 plot twists and a whole lot of broken hearts for these two to find each other -- months after filming wrapped on Peter's season.

Hannah Beast Pic

And don't get us started on Hannah Brown.

Thanks to a handful of mini-scandals and the baffling success of Luke Parker, Hannah's season was pretty much a disaster from the very beginning.

And it ended in appropriately hot-messy fashion.

In the finale, Jed Wyatt proposed to Hannah, and she accepted without knowing what the viewers at home had already known for several weeks:

Jed Wyatt Photo

It turned out that Wyatt has a girlfriend waiting for him at home throughout the season, and he assured the poor woman that he had only auditioned for The Bachelorette to help his music career.

Imagine her surprise when she learned through tabloids and gossip sites that he was engaged to someone else!

But it turns out Jed's ex wasn't the only one got a queasy feeling from the thought of the singer getting down on one knee in front of God, Chris Harrison, and everyone.

According to her latest Instagram post, Hannah also wanted to vom when Jed proposed:

Hannah Brown Finale Proposal

“I remember that day. I don’t like staying there for too long, but I remember it really well. I remember thinking, ‘Oh, this has all the makings to be the best day of my life...but gah, it doesn’t feel like I thought it would,’” Brown wrote alongside the above photo from her Bachelorette finale.

“I didn’t have words (or maybe I just didn’t have the courage to say them?) but the pit in my stomach was screaming, ‘this ain’t it,’” Hannah added.

“I could fake a smile but I couldn’t shake the doubt, and looking back, I know why,” she continued.

Hannah Brown in Spring

“That ending was not easy, but it was necessary to get me here.⁣”

Sure, in retrospect, it's easy for Hannah to say she knew Jed wasn't right for her after cutting 29 guys to get to him.

But she's not absolving herself of blame here.

She's admitting she made a mistake, while at the same time refusing to beat herself up over it.

Hannah Brown Bikini

"If I could go back and tell her something, I would whisper, 'It’s going to be ok. You’re right, this ain’t it, but it‘s the direction,'" Hannah continued.

"So open up your hands, and let go of the control. Trust this process, it’s going to be worth it. Also, nice butt!'”⁣

Needless to say, Hannah hasn't lost her positive outlook or her sense of humor.

But it's not just her past self she's offering advice to.

Hannah "Beast Mode" Brown

Brown also had some words of wisdom for fans who might be enduring a difficult time in their life.

"If you are reading this right now, wondering how to navigate a situation that feels so painful and so not what you wanted, maybe you’ll let me tell you what I would’ve told myself: Hold on," she wrote.

"Keep moving. You’re going to make it. This ain’t it but what’s coming is so much better.⁣"

Hannah B. The Bachelorette

She concluded on a hopeful note:

"Sometimes you’ve gotta walk through the shadows to stand in the sun," Hannah wrote.

"And trust me, you’ll really appreciate the way it feels shining down on you, too."

Well, there's no denying that Hannah has had to kiss her fair share of frogs -- but here's hoping she'll find her prince soon.

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