Audrey Roloff Pays Ultimate Tribute to Husband: You Are a Gift!

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Love Audrey Roloff or find Audrey Roloff somewhat pompous and grating, you must admit one thing about Audrey Roloff:

She sure knows how to pen a tribute!

30 Years Old!

Earlier this month, Audrey and Jeremy's son turned four months old -- and Audrey wrote some really beautiful words about young Bode.

Now, a few days later, the former Little People, Big World star has done the same for her husband.

"I’ve officially known you for 1/3 of your life," Audrey wrote to Jeremy on honor of the latter turnined 30 on May 10.

"I hope that even despite turning 30 during a global pandemic that you felt celebrated and loved this weekend," she added, having to unfortunately refer to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Play Time with Bode

Audrey proceeded to explain that she asked everyone close to Jeremy "to send me a video saying something they love or appreciate about you and a little birthday encouragement."

This mini videos were then compiled into one giant video and presented to the birthday boy over this past weekend.

The couple got married on September 20, 2014 at Roloff Farms in Helvetia, Oregon and are parents to daughter Ember and son Bode.

They formerly starred on Little People, Big World and are now successful podcast hosts and authors.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff at Home

"What was intended as a gift for you, ended up being a gift to me as well," continued Audrey, elaborating as follows:

"I was moved to tears by the words people use to describe you - my husband, the father of my children, the man I respect, and love more than anyone else.

"Throughout the video words like humility, integrity, intentionality, creativity, were repeated by people who know you for very different reasons and lengths of time.

"I was in awe of how many people said they were inspired by your desire to grow and seek truth to some capacity."

Jer and Auds Roloff

Audrey, who just made a huge announcement about the pair's future, continued to address Jeremy, gushing and gushing... and then gushing some more:

I am honored to be your wife babe. To dream with you, work with you, adventure with you, learn from you, and grow alongside you.

You are purposeful and playful.

You are a man of gentle strength which is such a blessing to our family. You are patient and discerning. You are confident and capable.

Audrey and Jeremy on Easter

Audrey is sometimes criticized for the advice she offers to others.

She can come across like a know-it-all; like someone who thinks the only way to succeed at love is to follow her and Jeremy's journey.

And also to believe strongly in God.

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff Say Cheeese

Whatever you think of Audrey, though, it's clear that she and Jeremy have figured out a relationship that works for them.

Here is how she concluded her birthdat message:

I admire your ability to take the serious things seriously, but also never take yourself too seriously.

I love that you can be challenging me one moment, and then making me laugh hysterically the next.

You are a gift to so many Jeremy, but what’s more significant than that is that you are an encouragement and inspiration to the people who know you the most.

I love you Farmer. Happy 30th birthday. Lock it in. ‘Here’s Hail to the rest of the road.

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