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Late last year, we reported that Southern Charm had put the next season on hold to conduct a talent search.

Tragically, that talent search will have major — and majorly stylish — shoes to fill. And we even know the juicy reason why.

Cameran Eubanks Offers Life Advice

On Tuesday night, in an Instagram comments section of all places, Cameran Eubanks casually dropped some devastating news.

In light of delayed filming and of course the COVID-19 pandemic that continues to devastate the globe, a fan asked a simple question.

When would Cameran and her Southern Charm cohorts be returning to everyone’s screens.

Cameran revealed some stunning information in her reply: "I will not be returning."

Andy Cohen Stands with the Southern Charm Cast
Photo via Instagram

NO!! NO!!!!

We here at THG are not the only ones who are absolutely devastated by this news.

"Please tell us that’s a joke!" one follower begged in response.

"You’re the voice of reason, the glue that holds them together," appraised another. "This can’t be true!"

Photo via Instagram

"Can 2020 get any worse?” lamented another fan.  “That show won’t be the same without you."

Look, we’re all going to miss Cameran, but please do not jinx 2020.

This year is sentient. It can hear you. And it will rise to any challenge that you throw at it.

This news about Cameran ditching the show comes as quite a shock.

Cameran Eubanks Defends Herself
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Last year, Bravocon was a smash success.

At it, Cameran spoke about her husband, Dr. Jason Wimberly, guest starring on Season 7.

"Season 7 is going to be a very high opening season," she teased.

Cameran told audiences that it would be significant "in terms of, you will see that some people have made some big strides in growth."

Cameran Eubanks
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"And some," Cameran lamented in her Bravocon teaser, "have stayed the same, sadly."

“Jason’s shy and private," she said of her husband, "so I think that was kind of a little intro [to appearing on the show.]"

"I think you might see him again," Cameran expressed, "now that he’s more comfortable."

That was an exciting prospect … but we may never get to see it happen.

Southern Charm Reunion Reactions

Obviously, it is crushing to think that one of the stars of one of the best gifs that I have ever made will be leaving the show.

The way that Cameran spoke about early in the season leads us to believe that they had already filmed.

Does this mean that they started filming late last year, then ditched the footage to start all over?

If so … was Season 7 going to be boring AF? If not, what happened?

Cameran Eubanks and Baby Palmer
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The other really obvious question is what happened between Bravocon and now to make Cameran’s status change.

Did she quit? A lot of us are interpreting her comment as a statement about quitting the series, but that’s not actually what she said.

She said "I will not be returning," a matter-of-fact statement that does not confirm or deny that it was her choice.

It’s hard to imagine Cameran getting fired …. but if she suddenly found herself without a storyline, that could happen.

Cameran Eubanks Holds Baby Palmer
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Season 7 is happening. That said, Cameran is a real estate agent and a mother.

We have to consider that something — from the new filming schedule to real life demands — prompted Cameran to quit.

Additionally, South Carolina dropped its stay-at-home order last week which means that filming could resume, but … yikes.

Southern Charm title card

Cameran has been very sensibly concerned about safety, trying to get people to see it as an apolitical topic.

Did Bravo come up with a new film schedule that made her feel unsafe? Is she just sick of the drama?

We are desperately curious for answers and, frankly, still feeling a little in denial about this crushing news.

What will the show be like without Cameran Eubanks?

Cameran Eubanks and Dr. Jason Wimberly

UPDATE: Well, folks, remember that husband, Dr. Jason Wimberly, whom Cameran was so excited to show off in Season 7?

According to AllAboutTheTea, he is the whole reason that Cameran will not be returning.

Did he ask her to spend more time at home? Did he propose some sweet, swanky vacation when Cameran would have been filming?

No. Apparently, he got himself a mistress.

Cameran Eubanks on Instagram
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According to the report, Jason has been having an affair with a young makeup artist behind Cameran’s back.

It is said that Jason has taken his mistress on romantic getaways, that he has met her family, and that she is "in love" with him.

The anesthesiologist has allegedly been spotted with her out in public, which is not especially discrete.

How does this relate to the show? Well, because one of Cameran’s castmates knew about it.

Photo via Instagram

Reportedly, Kathryn Dennis was already filmed discussing Cameran’s husband’s alleged cheating before production was put on pause.

When Cameran learned that this storyline would be part of the season, she confronted the production company and furiously quit.

It is said that she also severed her friendship with Kathryn, feeling betrayed that she would speak about her in that way.

Now, however, Cameran has put out a fresh statement via Instagram, claiming that this is not what happened.

"It has come to my attention that insidious rumors are now spreading and fake articles are being written," Cameran accused.

"Some of which," she acknowledged, "pertain to my marriage."

She goes on to emphasize that her husband is faithful and has never cheated on her.

"You must protect what is sacred to you," she emphasized. "Some things aren’t worth a big paycheck."

She emphasizes that her decision to not return to the show was made months ago and has nothing to do with her marriage.

"Please disregard any fabricatred rumor," Cameran asked her fans and followers.

AllAboutTheTea seemed pretty certain about this report, characterizing their source as "rock solid."

Is Cameran right? Is she in denial? This is a tough one, and we hope that the truth reveals itself soon.