Audrey Roloff Celebrates Her "Cuddley Dude" with Precious One-Third Birthday Tribute

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Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff have yet another reason to celebrate this weekend.

Not long after the couple announced they had completed their second manuscript for an upcoming book, the ex-reality stars made another announcement:

Bode at 4 Months

They second-born child is four month old!

"We have a 4 month old! Bode James is such an incredible baby. We’re having so much fun with him," wrote Jeremy as a caption to the photo immediately below.

The twin of Zach Roloff, Jeremy starred for 13 seasons on Little People, Big World.

He and wife Audrey left the TLC show last summer, however, and have since started a podcast, written a best-selling book -- and welcomed young Bode this pat January.

Play Time with Bode

They're also parents to a two-and-a-half year old daughter named Ember.

Audrey, for her part, shared a slightly longer post in honor of Bode.

"My happy little 4 month old cuddley dude," the caption to some solo shots of her son opened, prior to delving into some details about the precious baby.

"Figured out how to bring the toys to his mouth and is reaching for everything now."

Cute Little Bode

As for what else might be of interest to Audrey's followers?

"He’s been sleeping through the night pretty much since he was born," she noted, adding for clarification:

"But i still haven’t moved him out of our room to his crib yet because i just love easy of a quick nightime cuddle (and his room doesn’t have blinds) but probably gonna make the switch next week."

That's always a pretty major move for any parent to make.

Audrey and Jeremy on Easter

Audrey and Jeremy, of course, have been spending a lot of family time with their kids of late, due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

They've gotten into a bit of trouble for their attitude on the pandemic, but most folks out there know Audrey almost always means well.

"I can’t believe it’s already time!" Audrey continued of her son, seemingly getting a paid advertisement in by adding:

"He finally fits the @carhartt overalls and I can’t wait for the match pics with dada to come soon."

Audrey Roloff on Easter

Someone dedicated to her faith and to her family, Audrey concluded her tribute as follows:

Bode boy loves laughing at big sister and is still just the smiliest baby we’ve ever known.

How very, very sweet!

We continue to send positive thoughts and wiishes to Audrey and Jeremy and their two children. They really are SO adorable.

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