Collin Gosselin to Kate Gosselin: Screw You! You're Not My Real Mom!

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Collin Gosselin took a few moments on Mother's Day to pay tribute to the most important woman in his life.

Here's the thing, though:

That woman was not his biological mother, Kate Gosselin.

Jon Gosselin, Collin and Hannah

In an Instagram post (which has since been deleted) on Sunday, the 16-year old penned a lengthy post about his dad Jon's girlfriend, Colleen Conrad.

In the process, he said nothing at all about his actual mom.

“Turns out today is Mother’s Day, today we pay love forward to our mothers, but I don’t think mother can describe all the things Colleen has done for me,” wrote Collin, who turned 16 along with his five siblings on Sunday, May 10. 

Colleen has been dating Jon Gosselin for years, with marriage talk constantly swirling around the couple.

Jon Gosselin and Son Collin

Around the age of 13, Collin was sent away, allegedly by his mother, for reasons that were never made entirely clear by Kate.

She simply said on a couple occasions that Collin has "special needs" that required the need of around-the-clock assistance at a facility far away from his loved ones.

In 2018, though, Jon took the teenager out of ⁣Fairmont Behavioral Health Institute and Collin has been living with his dad ever since.

Jon has since accused his ex-wife of abusing their son and permanently damaging Collin due to her irresponsible actions.

Jon Gosselin and Just 2 Kids

Collin never mentioned his mother in this Mother's Day post.

But that's sort of the whole point, you know?

"I could call it Mother’s Day, but it’s more than that, Colleen, you are so much more than a mother to me, you are one of my guidelines and one of my guiding lights,” the  16-year continued in his Instagram post.

The message featured a photo of him with his arm around Conrad, who has been dating Jon for almost six years.

Jon Gosselin, Collin and Colleen

Concluded Collin is this rather startling post:

“Thank you doesn’t say enough, I love you so much and you’ve done so much for me that claims you my strong, happy, loving and awesome mother figure, you’re irreplaceable.

"Thank you so much Colleen love you so much!!!

“Yes a mother clothes her children and cooks for them but it’s the best feeling when your mother or mother figure is one of your best friends and always has your back, the one who always shares that laugh of the humor only you guys get.”

Jon Gosselin and Collin Gosselin, Philly Auto Show

Collin and Hannah currently reside with Jon in Pennsylvania, while the rest of the children and their older siblings, twins Cara and Madelyn, 19, live with Kate.

Jon -- who went to court to get custody of his son about 18 months ago -- said in an interview with Alec Lace on the “First Class Fatherhood” podcast in February that Kate has “no contact” with Collin.

“Right now, it’s very tumultuous pretty much because there’s no contact between Collin and his other siblings,” Jon said, adding:

“There’s contact between Hannah and the other siblings, [but not with Collin].”

Jon Gosselin in Red

For all that Collin has been through, meanwhile, he sounds like he's in a great place these days.

"Another year down. I have so much gratitude towards the fact that I’ve lived another great year of my life, and even more gratitude towards those who have made it a great reality,” he also wrote yesterday.

“To my amazing friends and family, I love you guys so much and can’t express how happy I am to have taken on my 16th year as a struggle or a party, but regardless a good year with you guys.

"We’ve had good times and bad, we’ve strived and thrived, but regardless we always make up and love each other even more.

"Here I come 17…. taking my permit test this week wish me luck!!!"

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