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Adele is an incredible singer.

This statement is not up for debate.

Adele has also lost an impressive amount of weight.

And, for some reason, this now is a development that has prompted a great deal of debate.

Adele, Folks
Photo via Instagram

On Tuesday, the Grammy-winning artist celebrated her 32nd birthday by sharing the picture below, along a thoughtful note that reads as follows:

"Thank you for the birthday love. I hope you’re all staying safe and sane during this crazy time."

Continuing to cite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and all those risking their lives to keep the country safe, Adele concluded:

I’d like to thank all of our first responders and essential workers who are keeping us safe while risking their lives! You are truly our angels. 2020 okay bye thanks x.

Photo via Instagram

Almost immediately upon this image going viral, however, the focus turned from Adele’s message to Adele’s svelte figure.

The star didn’t mention anything about her weight loss on her Instagram page, but this has quickly become all anyone out there wants to mention.

"I mean are you kidding me," Chrissy Teigen wrote as a comment to this new Adele.

"THAT WAIST IS SNATCHEDDDDDDD!!!!" Kalen Allen, who works on The Ellen Show, added.

Photo via Instagram

As you can see, Adele has mostly received positive attention from her slimmed-down body.

She’s trending both on Google and on Twitter.

But there’s another side to this topic, one perhaps best summed up by blogger and disability activist Melissa Blake.

"I see that Adele is trending because people are saying how gorgeous she is since she lost weight. Y’all, we’ve been over this… Your weight doesn’t determine your beauty," Tweeted Blake, adding:

"Your appearance doesn’t determine your beauty. The number on the scale doesn’t make you worthy or unworthy."

Adele tweets

Yes. Yes. A million times yes.

Blake is inarguably correct here.

But she also may be asking a tad too much of social media users not to remark on the extreme weight loss of an A-List celebrity.

Still, however, Blake isn’t alone with this take.

Adele Honors George Michael
Photo via Getty Images

"Can we please not celebrate Adele for losing weight like it’s the ultimate achievement? The news articles & tweets are disgusting," beauty blogger Katie Meehan tweeted.

Added movie critic Hanna Ines Flint:

"Adele losing weight doesn’t mean that she wasn’t beautiful at any size and complimenting her appearance now doesn’t take away from that fact!

"Her body, her choice for how it looks. You do you, girl! Happy birthday, May sister."

Adele Accepts a Grammy
Photo via Getty

Adele is one of the more private stars out there.

This was actually her first social media post in four months.

As we noted, Adele herself did not say anything about her weight loss journey, either.

She hasn’t gone all Kim Kardashian on us and acted like shedding pounds is the most important thing any woman can do.

Adele in Black/White
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The backlash here instead is focused to the reaction to Adele’s weight loss, not Adele’s choice to seemingly eat better and/or exercise more.

We’re not about to wade into these waters, however.

About six months after Adele’s divorce, we’re instead gonna ask the only question we really care about when it comes to the singer:

When is her next album coming out?!?