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Over the course of the last year or so, a whole lot has gone down between Mackenzie McKee her husband, Josh.

It’s almost impossible to keep track at this point.

Mac and Josh

From what we can gather, however, the veteran Teen Mom OG star has…

  • Dumped Josh for being a acting like a jerk.
  • Rekindled her romance with Josh after he got down on one knee and proposed to her for a second time.
  • Walked out on Josh for once again after he admitted to cheating on her.
  • Been forced to quarantine with Josh and is now considering reconciling with him… again.

Like we said: a whole lot has gone down between these spouses.

Mackenzie McKee in the House

Recent episodes of Teen Mom OG were filmed last fall, right around the time Josh claimed to have evolved as a person and right around the time Mackenzie both accepted these changes — and accepted Josh back into her life.

But then?

Just a few months later?

Right before this Teen Mom OG season premiered and Mackenzie knew fans would see her back together with Josh and she wanted to set the current record straight?

As documented below, Mackenzie told social media followers she had moved out and was single:

And then?

The novel Coronavirus hit, the country basically shut down and Mackenzie is living at home with Josh and their three kids.

Where do things stand now?

As McKee admits in a new interview with E! News, it’s not an easy question to answer.

Mackenzie and Joshua McKee

"Something bad happened and a lot of good has come out of that as crazy as that sounds. It changed Josh," Mackenzie told that outlet this week, alluding to her husband’s past behavior.

His cheating, in other words.

"He realized how selfish he was being. It helped me know how to forgive him for things. He’s had to forgive me."

Indeed, Mackenzie has confessed in the past to having also been unfaithful in her marriage.

Mackenzie and Josh Back Together?

In October, Mackenzie was stunned to discover Josh had set up a scavenger hunt for her 25th birthday.

The grand prize at the end? Josh himself, down on one knee.

"The birthday was a shock. People can’t even accept it because it was such a shock. Now they are thinking MTV set it all up. Josh didn’t even know MTV was in town because he wasn’t living with me. I kicked him out," Mackenzie claims.

"He knew I was talking to someone else and he started sending me gifts to the house everyday."

Mackenzie McKee on MTV

Mackenzie goes on in this interview to refer to Josh as a "prince" and to say he spent thousands on her second engagement ring.

She sounds like someone very much smitten.

As the couple continues to raise three children during quarantine, Mackenzie remembers some advice she learned from her late mom Angie Douthit.

Mackenzie McKee in the House

This is how McKee tells it, to conclude her E! feature:

"She said, ‘My story is not you and Josh’s story but there were times I wanted to leave your dad. He would do this and that and he would make mistakes but we did have our hard times but look at your life.

"If you don’t forgive each other and learn to give your marriage to God, then look how different your life can be.’"