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We were warned, weren’t we?

Heading into this new season of Little People, Big World, cast members teased all the changes to come – from babies to engagements to new living arrangements.

And yet: It seemed like all the changes hit at once on Tuesday’s brand new episode.

Tori and Zach Roloff on LPBW

The theme of this installment was most definitely the conclusion of various relationships and/or situations, although not necessarily in the negative sense.

In one case, for example, it was in a positive, albeit reflective, sense.

We’re referring here to Tori and Zach Roloff explaining to son Jackson that a sibling is on the way.

“Are we ready for this baby number two?” Zach asked while sitting around a campfire.

“Ready or not,” replied wife Tori.

After going over what the immediate family still must do to prepare the baby’s room (“everything,” Tori confessed), the beloved coupled turned their attention to Jackson, wondering how he’ll deal with his young sibling when she arrives.

“Everyone I’ve talked to that has a two-year-old and an infant, they’re loving it,” Tori told Zach, adding that the older child tends to “want to help.”

For sure, Zach agreed, while emphasizing that he may need to spend some extra quality time with his firstborn for awhile.

“I feel like him and me are going to go on a lot of adventures when this happens,” Zach said.

“I think it’s definitely going to be an adjustment once Lilah is here for Jackson,” added Tori. “The attention is not all on him, it’s not all about him anymore. He’s got to share Mom and Dad.”

It’s true. And it’s something millions of families have been through.

At least Tori and Zach have been through this before, right? At least they have the experience of welcoming a baby, right?

Yes, but that’s "good and bad,” said Tori, who reacted last episode to daughter Lilah being diagnosed as a dwarf.

“It’s bad for me because I’m like, stressed out about the C-section again, but it’s also good, because I don’t feel like I have to take 17 bags into the hospital room with us.”

Elsewhere, two more significant changes on Tuesday’s episode focused on Matt Roloff and the family farm.

With Amy agreeing to sell her parcel of this land and move away, Matt took it upon himself to tear one thing down (a treehouse) and build another one up (a wall).

“It’s a sad day for me,” the father of four said about ridding his property of the aforementioned treehouse, adding:

“The day is finally here. It’s finally time to tear down that treehouse.”

Matt Roloff Talks Amy

Matt’s sons, who played on the structure for years as kids, were on hand for the end of this enjoyable era.

“Emotionally, this is exciting for me.” Zachary said… although Jeremy took a different approach, saying there’s “sense of reminiscing that’s always sad."

“There will never be another treehouse like this, that’s for sure," Matt told the boys, elaborating on how “there’s a little bit of sadness because it brings back memories.

"But, you know, it’s dangerous so it’s gotta happen and it’s gotta happen now.”

Matt revealed that he had no choice but to take this step because he was scared someone was going to fall and break their arm while climbing the rickety old treehouse.

Little People, Big World Stars

As for the other step he took? The building of an actual wall on the farm?

"It’s very symbolic. It’s more than a fence, it’s a symbol … the farm’s changed," Matt told his ex-wife in an attempt to explain his decision behind the project.

He and Amy got divorced way back in 2015, of course, but Amy was in the process of moving off the land when this season was filmed, marking, yes, a gigantic change.

"The fence is really something that indicates the times that are going on with the farm – divorce, I’m moving off, Matt’s on the other side," Amy said on air, adding:

"So it’s an indication that, yes, we always thought of it as one big property, but this is really two separate properties."

Amy and Matt, who mostly get along very well for ex-spouses, have been fighting a lot more on Little People, Big World.

It happened again over whether the road between the properties should officially called a flag lot or a neck.

"I think not being in that kind of relationship with Matt, I’m learning how to find my voice again," Amy said, reflecting on the exchange and concluding:

"That was just a moment of exerting my thoughts and opinions instead of letting it go, instead of saying, ‘Yeah whatever. Yep you’re right.”

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on TLC.

What changes will befall the Roloffs next week?!?