90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Teases Culture Shock! Fights! Fear!

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90 Day Fiance: The Other Way was a huge hit in 2019, introducing viewers to new stars, new drama, and new favorites.

Now, TLC has announced the show's return for Season 2 -- something that we all knew was in the works.

In this first teaser trailer, they're introducing us to new couples while showing not one, but two returning pairs.

Ready to see Jenny and Sumit again? Ready to see Deavan and Jihoon again? We here at THG cannot wait.

Season 2 premieres on June 1, 2020.

Below, you can meet each of the couples, new and returning, and watch the first teaser trailer for Season 2.

1. Ariela and Biniyam

Ariela and Biniyam
Ariela is 28 and from New Jersey. Biniyam is 29 and from Ethiopia.

2. How they met ...

How they met ...
Ariela was recently divorced and was not looking for love. She went on a soul searching trip around the world, where she met and boned Biniyam in Ethiopia. She headed back to the US and found out that she was pregnant, and opted to move back to Ethiopia for the birth of her baby.

3. She's a little nervous

She's a little nervous
She made this offhand comment about her luggage in the teaser trailer, but that turned out to be foreshadowing.

4. See ...

See ...
Traveling somewhere and roughing it as a tourist is one thing, but Ariela has real reservations about giving birth giving the sanitary and healthcare conditions of Ethiopia.

5. Brittany and Yazan

Brittany and Yazan
Brittany is 26 and from Florida. Yazan is 24 and from Jordan. The two met through Yazan's sister, and it was love at first sight ... over video chat.

6. They are all about each other

They are all about each other
In the teaser for the new season, Brittany's excitement is palpable.

7. But ...

But ...
A free spirit and a hot model, Brittany has to conform to Jordan's culture and, more significantly, to appease Yazan's conservative family. That means that they cannot move in together until they're married.

8. It gets worse

It gets worse
On top of some conflict that the teaser shows, religious conflict with play a role. Brittany does not want to convert to Islam, and states that she feels too free for any religion. That's just fine -- but maybe not with Yazan's family. To top it all off, she is said to be harboring a secret that could ruin everything.

9. Deavan and Jihoon

Deavan and Jihoon
Deavan Clegg (23) and Jihoon Lee (29) were on Season 1, of course. Now the parents of two, they are living in South Korea on a pemanent basis (in part because Deavan has a deranged relative who has threatened her life)

10. They have new challenges

They have new challenges
They know each other better now than they did in Season 1, but now they have to deal with real world issues ... like work. Deavan has decided to do modeling work in South Korea in order to be the breadwinner for her family of four.

11. There's just one problem

There's just one problem
Deavan is a model, so sometimes she is posed (fully clothed) next to handsome men who are also fully clothed. This is like a G-rated version of the tension between Paola and Russ Mayfield, but this time, the jealousy seems even weirder. Still, we're excited to see them again.

12. Jenny and Sumit

Jenny and Sumit
Jenny Slatten (61) and Sumit (32) may have been THE most beloved couple on Season 1. People went in assuming that it was some kind of scam, and found themselves rooting for them as a couple ... even after they found out that Sumit had a wife and kids.

13. Well, they're back!

Well, they're back!
It has long been suspected that Jenny and Sumit would appear on another season of the franchise in some capacity, but seeing them reunite is such an emotional moment!!!

14. We're not crying, YOU'RE crying

We're not crying, YOU'RE crying
They're back together! But that doesn't mean that Season 1's drama has left them behind.

15. Sumit needs to actually go through with the divorce

Sumit needs to actually go through with the divorce
It's not clear if Sumit's family knows that he is once again cohabitating with Jenny, or how they will react when they learn of it. And Jenny tells him that she truly needs to see divorce papers, for herself, to know that he's taking the necessary steps to be with her.

16. Kenneth and Armando

Kenneth and Armando
Kenneith is from Florida and 57 (allegedly -- he does not look it). Armando is 31 and from Mexico. The two men met in a support group for gay fathers. They may be 26 years apart, but they formed a powerful bond.

17. Kenneth is going for it

Kenneth is going for it
He doesn't want to lose this chance at happiness, so he is packing up his things and heading to Mexico to be with Armando -- and Armando's daughter.

18. This is a milestone couple

This is a milestone couple
While 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days couple Stephanie and Erika were trailblazers for same-sex couples, Kenneth and Armando will be the franchise's first (and long, long overdue) male same-sex couple.

19. But there are concerns

But there are concerns
Armando has real worries about homophobia, and he's not being vague here. His family does not accept him for who he is.

20. They don't know about Kenneth

They don't know about Kenneth
Armando may have a hard time telling them about Kenneth. And his hesitation could give Kenneth second thoughts.

21. Tem and Melyza

Tem and Melyza
Tim is 34 years old and from Dallas, Texas. Melyza is 29 and from Columbia. He met Melyza while at a bar one night and they really hit things off.

22. But ...

But ...
Melyza had to head home (she was working as an au pair), so they planned for him to bring her to the US. Those plans fell through when Tim did something -- vague -- to damage her trust in him.

23. So he switched up the plan

So he switched up the plan
To earn back her trust, Tim is traveling to Columbia to be with her. But he doesn't just need to win over Melyza. He also has to win over her mother.

24. See the teaser trailer for yourself!

There's going to be a lot of drama this season, but we see some couples with real potential to become fan favorites.

Wait! There's more! Just click "Next" below:

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