Ryan Edwards: My Son Is a Jerk and It's All Maci Bookout's Fault!

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You would think that after everything Ryan Edwards has put his loved ones through, he would count himself lucky to have anyone in his life at all.

But maybe during Edwards' latest stint in rehab, he dozed off during the part about making amends to those you've wronged, because the man is more peevish and petulant than ever these days.

Edwards, Ryan (Teen Mom)

Ryan certainly hasn't earned many new fans through his behavior on the current season of Teen Mom OG.

First, there was the incident in which Ryan made fun of son Bentley during a family golf outing.

Shortly thereafter, Edwards appeared to be intoxicated at a birthday party for Bentley.

Needless to say, the guy is not exactly killing it in the dad department these days.

Ryan Edwards: TMOG Reunion

You'd think that when he does get to spend some time with his son (and he's sober enough to know what's going on), Ryan would try to make up for his many failings by being the nicest, most permissive dad around.

But that's not the case.

In fact, a preview for next week's episode of Teen Mom OG finds Ryan complaining about how often he and Bentley butt heads.

“When it comes to Bentley, nothing I say matters,” he gripes to wife Mackenzie Standifer.

Ryan and Mackenzie and Kids

“You know I’ve never asked Bentley to do too much of anything. It’s not like I’ll make him cut the damn grass, but you’re gonna have simple rules," Ryan continues.

"Just like jumping on the damn couch and throwing the ball in the house, I just don’t like it, but he acts like it’s the worst thing ever that he can’t throw a damn ball in the house.”

You might think that Ryan has made his point and can now move on to different topic of conversation.

But once this freakin' guy starts to fixate on something, he's like a dog with a bone.

Ryan, Bentley

“I feel like I can’t make him do anything. I mean, I can, but I’ll be damned if Mom doesn’t go right behind my back and tell Bentley everything’s okay." he complains.

"I feel like, now, if Mom allows me to tell Bentley no, then she’ll think he won’t want to come over there [any] more, and it’ll just be the end of the world," Edwards says.

"But he just gets to do whatever he wants to and [has] too much disrespect."

Ryan Edwards and Family: A Photo

Yes, Ryan believes it's Maci Bookout's fault that his son has been misbehaving.

Of course, that observation probably has nothing to do with Maci's child-rearing skills and everything to do with the fact that she recently called out Ryan's BS.

“In my opinion, he was 100 percent not sober,” Maci observed after Ryan behaveed erratically at Bentley's birthday party.

If you've ever dealt with an addict, you know the surest way to get under their skin is to call them an addict -- and now it looks like whatever progress Maci and Ryan might have made with their co-parenting has been officially undone.

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