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As you’re no doubt aware, the coronavirus remains the number one news story, as the majority of the world’s population is now living in some sort of isolation in hopes of limiting the spread of Covid-19.

Despite this state of global panic, however, the Duggar family persists in flaunting their complete lack of concern.

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The latest example comes to us courtesy of Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth, who recently disregarded social-distancing recommendations in order to sit down and film a YouTube video with two guys who call themselves the Freedomists.

"Have you guys head about the coronavirus?" one of the interviewers asked the couple.

Joy responded with a laugh that has sent Duggar critics into an uproar.

"I think almost everybody has," she said.

Joy-Anna Duggar on YouTube

Now, to be fair, it appears that Joy was laughing at the absurdity of the question.

After all, who hasn’t heard of the coronavirus in April of 2020?

Still, a deadly pandemic is not the sort of thing one casually laughs off.

And fans were outraged not only by Joy’s reaction to the question, but by the context.

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For starters, Joy is pregnant with her second child, and she should therefore be extra-cautious about her social-distancing practices.

Instead, she’s seated just inches away from two men whom she doesn’t live with and is not related to.

On top of that, this is part of a recent, unsettling pattern in which members of the Duggar clan casually disregard the guidelines that are put in place to keep all of us safe.

Fans first noticed the lack of distancing protocol during a Duggar family gathering in which 18 people were clustered together in Jim Bob and Michelle’s living room.

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Many of them, fans noted, were not relatives of the Duggars.

This was followed by an Instagram photo that showed Jana Duggar assisting with relief efforts following the tornados that devastated Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Obviously, her heart was in the right place, but fans were quick to point out that Jana did not appear to be following distancing guidelines, and might be therefore be bringing about a second disaster.

All of this has led to reports that the Duggars believe the coronavirus is a hoax.

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While Joy-Anna obviously didn’t say as much in the video, fans have fixated on her cavalier attitude toward a pandemic that has already claimed nearly 10,000 American lives.

"This is devastating. Pls know you still need to physical distance by 6’. You’re all way too close together," wrote one commenter.

"The last thing this community is going to need is to be hit with a surge of Covid cases,"

"Six feet rule not being enforced!" another added.

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Some fans claimed the video was filmed a month ago, before current guidelines were put in place.

Others argued that the content of the clip suggests otherwise.

"If this was filmed over a month ago… why are they talking about quarantine?" reads the top comment on YouTube.

Even if the Duggars believe the virus is a hoax, they’ll likely never say so publicly, for fear of the impact such remarks might have on their media empire.

Of course, their recent actions speak volumes and seem to reveal exactly how the Duggars feel about this global health crisis.