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As we’ve all seen, Joe Giudice has been pretty defensive of his role as a husband to Teresa, even with so many people calling him out.

Now, his brother-in-law Joe Gorga is taking him to task in absentia at the Reunion, saying that he’s known Joe was cheating on Tre for ages.

Joe Gorga Speaks at the Reunion

As you can see in this clip from the Reunion special, everybody but Teresa seems to have it out for Joe Giudice.

Andy asks Joe Gorga if he was familiar with the myriad “cheating accusations against” his brother-in-law.

Gorga pauses for an excruciating amount of time before answering: “Yes.”

After another pause, he adds: “I did, but she didn’t believe it, [so I kept quiet]."

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It sounds like he was right to not try to bring it up with his sister.

"Everyone believed it because from seeing the tabloids, and blah blah blah,” Teresa says dismissively.

“Well, this is your brother," Andy reasons, "so this is more than the tabloids."

“Yeah," Teresa acknowledges, "but he never told me."

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"I never told you,” Joe Gorga admits.

Andy’s next question is, very sensible, to ask him if he ever confronted his brother-in-law, man-to-man, to talk about the allegations.

“No," Gorga replies, "and I’ll tell you why. Because it wouldn’t be nice."

"It wouldn’t be nice," he reiterates.

Teresa Giudice and Hubby

"So if my sister was happy and she believed it, I stayed away," he reasons.

"But," Joe Gorga vows, "if my sister called me and said, ‘Joe, I need your help,’ then it would have been game over."

Obviously, he’s not explicitly saying that he would have inflicted violence upon his brother-in-law.

What we think that he’s saying is that a very serious, heated Joe-to-Joe conversation would have taken place.

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Andy then comments that he finds it "interesting" that Joe Gorga was the one who seemed to be trying to level with Teresa and her girls.

He’s the one who was counseling her all season to prepare to let her husband go, to emotionally brace herself.

Andy phrases this as shaking them "loose," as in snapping them back to reality.

Joe Gorga says that he did this because "I still feel bad for him."

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"I knew this man all my life," Gorga notes. "I might not like him."

"I’m going to be honest with you, I might not like him — you think I like what he did?" he asks. "And what he put my family through?"

"I’m very upset but I still feel bad for him," Gorga explains.

That is an understandable way to feel about a family member or even a friend.

Joe Giudice is Visibly Sad

"I didn’t want that to happen to him," Gorga emphasizes of the deportation.

"And I didn’t want him suffering," he says, "because I have a heart and I feel for him."

"I might not like you," Gorga explains, "but I love you in a way."

Again, that makes a whole world of sense.

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Speaking of the ruins of Teresa’s marriage, she and Joe are currently separated but she has not initiated any divorce paperwork.

Her castmates warn her that this is a mistake, telling her to file now while Joe isn’t asking her for any spousal support.

The fear is that he will change his tune once he sees photos of her dating someone.

We’ve all seen divorces start with an amicable split and nosedive into a legal war.