Matt Roloff Gets Grandparent-Shamed, Claps Back (Hard!!!) Against Ignorant Troll

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When does a cute photo of one's grandchild turn into controversial fodder for bored and judgmental social media users?

When you're Matt Roloff, apparently, and you think you're simply sharing a precious photo of your precious young loved one.

Allow us to explain...

Matt Roloff and his Farm

On Tuesday, the Little People, Big World patriarch uploaded the picture below.

"There are a number of reasons this might be my very favorite photo of Jackson ever," he wrote as a caption, explaining himself as follows:

1) He had just pushed open the gate to see that Grandpa was waiting for him to take him on a ride. 2) He’s smiling from ear to ear with delight.

3) Tori @toriroloff is looking down beaming with pride on how incredible her son is. 4) in a crazy world and still in self quarantine this happy photo still makes me smile.

Jackson on the Farm

What a sweet snapshot, right?

Nope, wrong, according to at least one individual.

“Matt, I don’t watch LPBW anymore," read the opening of one comment in response to the above image.

What changed? What critique does this person have for Roloff?

Matt Roloff Talks Amy

"I used to never miss an episode, but in all fairness to you and your family, I feel you show too much favoritism to Jackson," the remark continued.

"And although you have other grandchildren, this will all backfire in your face as the other grandchildren will grow up and resent you.”

The user added that he/she “would love to see photos of Ember, her brother and Jackson’s little sister.”

Well, first off, here is a photo of Ember's baby brother, Bode, in the arms of her grandfather.

Matt Roloff Cradles Bode James Roloff

And second off... what the heck, Instagram user?!?

Who are you to judge a grandfather's relationship with his grandkids? Based on a handful of Instagram pictures no less?!?

Matt, who didn't even respond immediately to accusations that he cheated on Amy Roloff, immediately fired back at this follower.

And we don't blame him one bit for doing so.

Sitting with Grandson

“I know things are tough right now, but please dig deep and try with everything you have to stay positive," Matt responded, referring to the global coronavirus pandemic. "I hope you’re well and staying safe.

He then added:

"[By the way], spend the morning on FaceTime today with Ember. She’s doing just fine. Thanks for asking.”

Perfectly played by Matt, right?

Matt Roloff in Red Hat

Matt, of course, is away from all his grandkids at the moment due to the aforementioned Covid-19 outbreak.

He's holed up with Chandler, with no real end in sight.

Still, this doesn't mean Roloff is making headlines these days.

Aside from putting this troll in his place, Matt also admitted recently that he may soon give up control off Roloff Farms -- hopefully to one or both of his sons.

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