Justin Bieber & Kendall Jenner Slammed For Privileged Coronavirus Comments: It's Not Our Fault We're Rich!

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If anything good has come out of the coronavirus pandemic -- and mind you, that's a a very big if -- it's a renewed appreciation for the essential workers that keep this country operational in times of unprecedented crisis.

Sadly, that appreciation has come as result of circumstances that have forced healthcare staff, grocery store clerks, and many others to quite literally risk their lives in order to help their neighbors.


The current crisis has also highlighted the non-essential nature of so many others -- namely, celebrities who insist on offering preachy comments about the virus and its attendant financial crisis from the comfort and safety of their fully-staffed mansions.

On some level, we all knew that celebrities were living very different lives and following very different rules than the rest of us.

But sometimes it takes Madonna praising the coronavirus as "the great equalizer" to remind you of the full extent of their privilege.

This week, it's Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner's turn to alienate the plebes, and they really raised the bar for other celebs who are looking to demonstrated their ignorance.

Joined by Justin's wife, Hailey Baldwin, Justin and Kendall chatted about #CoronavirusProblems on Instagram this week.

Things got off to a tone-deaf start when Justin asked Kendall how she's enjoying her new mansion.

"Oh my God it's literally my favorite place on the planet. I worked for so long to get it to the point it's at. I renovated it for like a year," Kendall said.

“How blessed are we to be able to like -- a lot of people obviously in this time have a crappy situation," Justin replied.

Justin and Kendall

"You know, they look at us and obviously, we've worked hard for where we're at, so it's like, you can't feel bad for the things we have."

"I think about it all the time," interjected Kendall.

"But I think, just us taking that time to acknowledge that there are people who are really crippling is important."

It's not easy to make sense of the Justin's semi-coherent word salad, but we think he's saying that he totally deserves to be obscenely wealthy, but he also, like, wants to give a shoutout to everyone living on a steady diet of mayonnaise sandwiches and fear.

Justin Bieber is Overcome With Anxiety

Keep clipping those coupons, y'all!

Needless to say, Justin and Kendall's comments did not go over well with fans, many of whom echoed the oft-repeated pleas for celebs to kindly cram it until this is all over.

(The exception, of course, beging famous folks who are writing checks to those in need, a la Taylor Swift.)

"Thank god they're 'acknowledging' us. SO GRATEFUL. Suddenly my debts are wiped clear and im no longer unemployed," wrote one user, according to Too Fab.

Kendall Jenner is the Picture of Health

"I'm sure all the newly unemployed are grateful to know justin bieber thought about them being poor," added another.

"Justin Bieber's career started because Usher came across him singing on YouTube. Kendall Jenner's dad is an Olympian. Hailey Bieber's dad is a Hollywood star. Get the f--k out of here with being 'blessed' and 'working hard.'"

Many fans pointed out that Justin at least worked his way up (although getting discovered on YouTube while you're still in middle school is pretty much the definition of luck), while Kendall was born into a life of unfathomable wealth and opportunity.

Justin Bieber Got a Haircut

"This is f--ked up for so many reasons but can we talk about how kendall is agreeing with justin as if she wasn't born into wealth and privilege like...??" one fan asked.

It's a good question. Is Kendall even aware of the extent of her privilege? Is Justin?

Is any celeb -- or would internalizing the gap between how little they work and how much they have drive them insane?

We doubt it's keeping them up nights.

Kendall Jenner Spells it Out

Justin and Kendall wrapped things up by talking about how they're keeping busy during quarantine.

It turns out that when you don't have to do worry about how to feed your kids, you have a lot of time for fun stuff like tie-dying! Neat!

"How fun is tie-dying by the way?" Bieber said. "That's so fun."

It sure is, Justin. It sure is.

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Justin Bieber is Overcome With Anxiety
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