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Kailyn Lowry would like to make something very clear.

She hopes you are listening very closely.

Okay? Are you ready?

Kailyn Lowry and Trio of Kids

Good. Here she goes:

The Teen Mom 2 star does believe in the severity of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

She knows it’s far more deadly and contagious than the flu and she’s taking every precaution to keep herself and her three kids safe during this time of unprecedented crisis in America.

Do you hear that, Debra Danielsen?!?

Lowry, Kailyn Rae

Lowry has gone on record about her beliefs in the wake of being called out by Danielson, the mother of ex-MTV personality Farrah Abraham.

In a recent IGTV video, Danielson urged folks everywhere to be aware of the danger that comes with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Citing what she’s learned from her husband, an infectious disease doctor, the 62-year old talked about those who’ve already lost their lives, including physicians.

How did Lowry get dragged into Danielson’s plea?

Kailyn Lowry on the Instagram

The reality star said this month that even if scientists come out with a coronavirus vaccine… she won’t give it to her children.

“Not trying to be mean or anything, but, you know, it’s time to be a true grown up and realize that we don’t always understand what’s going on," Danielson said in her video, adding:

"And you’ve got to protect yourself and your children. Just because you don’t believe there’s a pandemic … you don’t believe it’s real, doesn’t mean anything. … Take care of your kids.”

Kailyn Rae

Danielson said she was only calling Kailyn out due to concern, which is pretty understandable when you consider Lowry stance on proven vaccines.

“I know what’s best for my kids,” she told In Touch in January of 2019, referring to her highly dangerous belief that vaccinations are not safe. “Other parents know what’s best for theirs.”

Do you know who truly know what is best, though?


And every single one recommends vaccinating one’s children.

At the moment, of course, there is no Covid-19 vaccine.

As you can see in the above exchange, Lowry doesn’t ever plan to give her kids one if/when it gets developed, however.

Speaking again to In Touch this week, Kailyn says this doesn’t mean she isn’t taking the outbreak as seriously as possible.

“Wow, I’m surprised by Debra’s sudden ‘concern’ about me and my children,” she said in response to Danielson’s remarks, adding of her immediate family:

“We’ve been quarantined at home just like everyone else and are taking this pandemic very seriously. My family is doing whatever we can to help at this time.”

Kailyn Lowry Pregnancy Announcement

What about that whole thing about how she needs to act like a grown-up and be responsible?

“I’m proud to say I have very happy, healthy and socially conscious children,” Lowry also told In Touch. “I’m doing pretty well on the ‘grown up’ front. All is good over here.”

Except for the fact that Lowry is expecting her second child with douchecanoe Chris Lopez, yes, this is largely true.

And also except for that anti-vaccine thing, too.

Listen to medical experts, everyone. Not that lengthy thread on Reddit that you just noticed.