Hannah Ann Sluss to Kelley Flanagan: You DESERVE Peter Weber!

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With all the insanity they caught on camera while filming that trainwreck reality series, it's hard to believe the cast still has fresh drama to offer us on a daily basis. 

No, we're not talking about Tiger King -- we're talking about Peter Weber's disastrous season of The Bachelor.

Peter Weber on Instagram

Every time we think the dust has finally settled and we've seen the last of Peter and his Harry Potter scar, some new insanity arises involving Pilot Pete and the many lives he effed up with his indecisive nonsense.

Yesterday, we learned that Hannah Ann Sluss is still not cool with Madison Prewett.

Sluss made the revelation on Nick Viall's podcast, stating that while she'd be open to patching things up with Madi, their friendship is simply not what it used to be.

Quite understandable after everything they've been through.

Hannah Ann Sluss and Peter Engaged

But at least there's a glimmer of hope for Hannah Ann and Madison.

The same cannot be said for Hannah and Kelley Flanagan.

As you've probably heard, Peter and Kelley appear to be dating, which is an absolutely bonkers twist worthy of anything that took place in Joe Exotic's zoo.

There are even rumors that Peter instructed Kelley to audition for the show and assured her she would win when the two of them met (and probably banged) in Los Angeles last year.

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan

But we're not willing to go quite that far down the conspiracy rabbit hole just yet.

The point is, Kelley and Peter are now together; the fix may have been in from the start; and Hannah Ann is understandably pissed about it.

Ms. Sluss isn't talking any trash though -- she's letting her fans do it for her.

Currently, Peter and Kelley are quarantining in Chicago and posting TikToks in a lame imitation of Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown's Quarantine Crew.

Kelley and Peter Weber

Peter's contribution to the content stream mostly consists of magic tricks, which sounds like a joke, but sadly is not.

“Imagine how satisfied Hannah Ann must be to see her ex doing magic on Instagram," a fan tweeted earlier this week. 

“HAHAHA she’s like BYE BITCH see ya never,THE QUEEN @HannahannSluss WON!!!!” another replied, along with a GIF of Hannah giving Peter the brush-off after he broke off their engagement.

Hilariously, Hannah retweeted the whole exchange!

Kelley Tweets

That's some serious shade, but if you're worried about Hannah's mental state these days, fear not.

It seems she's fully over Peter and simply enjoys joining her fans in some light trash talk from time to time.

During her appearance on The Viall Files, Hannah revealed that she's met someone via dating app and is looking forward to meeting him in person once the quarantine comes to a close.

“There’s one person in particular I’m excited to go on a date with after,” Hannah said.

Sluss, Hannah

“He’s someone that’s been really nice and I’m excited to get to know more and it’s weird because when I’m actually liking someone now not the whole world knows about it," she added.

"It’s nice just to have private conversations, slowly get to know someone and not have everyone know every detail.”

Hopefully, when they do meet, they can enjoy a nice laugh about Peter's magic tricks.

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