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Ya gotta give Joe Exotic some credit — the guy started social-distancing long before it was the fashionable thing to do!

Yes, the Tiger King star is currently serving 22 years in prison on animal abuse and murder for hire charges.

Joe Exotic and Friend

But before he went to the clink for shooting a bunch of tigers and a conspiring to murder Carole Baskin, Joe lived la vida loca in the constant presence of wild animals and even wilder prostitutes. 

Meth binges, orgies, bestiality — you name it, Joe was (allegedly) into it.

Of course, that all came to an end when Joe fled the GW Zoo in Wynnewood, Oklahoma back in 2017, with federal authorities and a whole lot of pissed off creditors hot on his trail.

But the man who took over the zoo — noted bandana and polyamory enthusiast Jeff Lowe — left Joe’s private living quarters untouched, so that they might endure as a sort of museum of debauchery,

Now, the Daily Mail has published the first photos of the rooms that made up Joe Exotic’s "sex den," and they certainly do not disappoint.

"Joe is one creepy guy," Lowe explained in what might be an early contender for understatement of the century.

"[The employees] hated him, they wanted to celebrate him never coming back."

That led to a party in Joe’s trailer and a subsequent discovery that he was living an even more bonkers existence than anyone realized.

"You know Joe pierces guys’ d–ks there," Lowe revealed while offering the folks at the Mail a guided tour.

"When Joe left the zoo, the first place I headed to, was Joe’s house I had to see what was up there," he added.

What he found was a redneck mansion of linked trailers, each highlighting a different aspect of Joe’s, um … eccentric nature.

Jeff says he found "penis pumps in several different sizes, condoms, lube you name it."

Meet Joe Exotic

Not surprisingly, there were discarded pill bottles and drug paraphernalia galore, along with thumb drives containing videos of wild orgies.

"What do you think John, you don’t like it today?" Joe asked his former "husband" John Finlay in one clip, as Finlay apparently seemed uninterested in watching Joe have sex with a third party.

Lowe says he also found evidence of correspondence between Joe and several male prostitutes.

Jeff Lowe

And because the more you find out about Joe the worse it gets, we probably shouldn’t be surprised that there was a problematic racial component to his apparent sex addiction.

"Joe often said the ‘n’ word, he was a racist, but he had no problem hiring black guys for sex," says Lowe.

And of course, this wouldn’t be the mess-fest that is Tiger King without some bestiality allegations.

Joe Exotic Mugshot

"Joe and John would dress up in lingerie and in the middle of the night bring goats, sheep, or llamas to their house and have sex with them," the Mail reports.

Yes, Joe has been accused of bestiality by multiple parties now.

We keep getting to the point where we think nothing about this guy can shock us.

And then some new info comes along that leaves us picking our jaws up off the floor.