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These are strange times for the Duggar family.

Of course, these are strange times for all of us, as the coronavirus has forced billions of people to shelter in place and avoid human contact.

Duggar Family: Counting On Season 4 Photo
Photo via TLC

That’s been particularly challenging for the Duggars a massive, and famously tight-knit clan.

While some members of her family have been ignoring CDC guidelines warnings against large gatherings, Jessa Duggar has been socially-distancing at home with her husband and three children.

Some fans of the family have suggested that Jessa is glad for the opportunity to spend some time away from her parents.

Many have even gone so far as to allege that Jessa has joined the anti-Jim Bob rebellion instigated by her sisters.

Jessa Duggar on YouTube
Photo via YouTube

It’s one of those situations in which Jessa would speak volumes by remaining silent:

If she said nothing in response to the allegations of family discord, fans would assume her relationship with her father was as tense as the rumors claimed.

And so she spoke out — in a major way.

Earlier this week, Jessa released a 52-minute video ode to Jim Bob.

"During this time of quarantine we’re missing family so much! But it’s been a good time to slow down and reflect," she captioned the clip.

"I’ve been looking through old family pictures and thinking back on my childhood," Jessa added.

"As I’m raising my own kids now, I look back on my growing up years and I’m so grateful to God for the parents he blessed me with," the mother of three concluded.

"This is the fruit of those reflections."

Jessa Duggar in 2020
Photo via Instagram

Yes, it was schmaltzy even by Duggar standards.

It was also unlike anything Jessa has previously posted on her YouTube page.

Jessa promised that a second video paying tribute to her mother would be arriving soon.

But fans are convinced that it’s no accident she went with Jim Bob first and released the video when she did.

Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle on Instagram
Photo via Instagram

As you may have heard, Jim Bob has been locked in a feud with Derick Dillard for several months now.

Jill Duggar’s husband claims that his father-in-law has embezzled millions from his own children simply by pocketing all of the family’s TLC earnings.

The situation has led to major strife within the family.

It’s also done some serious damage to Jim Bob’s reputation.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Together

Rumors of greed and unethical business practices have haunted Jim Bob for years.

His best defense has always been the phony portrayal of himself as a God-fearing family man.

It’s a front that Counting On has helped him maintain for years, but with filming indefinitely postponed by the coronavirus, there’s no saying how long it might be before new episodes arrive to help repair Jim Bob’s public image.

The patriarch badly needed a boost this week, and he got one from Jessa.

Jessa Duggar Confesses
Photo via TLC

Was it her decision to post the video, or did Jim Bob put her up to it?

We may never know for certain, and just about everyone has a theory.

But whatever the case, it seems that Jim Bob and Jessa are back on good terms.

And that fact may put her in direct conflict with some of her sisters.