Annjeanette Whaley: EIGHTH My 600-lb Life Star Files Fraud Lawsuit

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One by one, more and more former My 600-lb Life cast members are suing the show for, they allege, broken promises, fraud, and negligence.

Now, Season 7 star Annjeanette Whaley has become the 8th former cast member to file suit against the production company.

Annjeanette Whaley

My 600-lb Life alum Annjeanette Whaley is suing Megalomedia for gross neglicence and fraud, Starcasm revealed this week.

Like so many others, she is accusing the company of fraud.

In the suit, she alleges that Megalomedia promised to pay her medical bills for her weight loss process.

She says that relying upon those broken promises has negatively impacted her life and well-being.

Annjeanette Whaley After Weight Loss

"[Megalomedia] promised…that they would pay all medical bills associated with the television show and related medical care," the suit alleges.

Viewers and fans of the show have pretty much assumed as much, as it is compensation for the public humiliation that the stars endure.

Annjeanette laments in court documents that she "relied on those promises to her detriment."

We all know how massively expensive medical bills can be here in the US.

Annjeanette Whaley 01

In the lawsuit, Annjeanette emphasizes that she held up her end of the bargain.

She followed Dr. Now's weight loss plan, shedding weight before surgery.

By the end of her episode, she had dropped 274 pounds -- more than a third of her initial weight of 679.

(It is believed that she has lost even more weight since then, and she filmed for an updated episode ... though it is unclear if that will ever air)

Annjeanette Whaley 02

So what happened?

According to Annjeanette, Megalomedia helped to coordinate the billing for her surgery and aftercare.

But she accuses the company of not actually paying for it as promised, leaving her holding the massive medical bills.

Annjeanette's court documents note that she is being harassed by bill collectors, which is adversely impacting her mental health.

Annjeanette Whaley 03

Other stars have leveled similar claims at Megalomedia.

Some have claimed that the production company also neglected their mental health during filming.

Therapy is a vital part of any weight loss program, because people are essentially going through withdrawal and need to find healthy ways to cope.

Allegedly, at least some members of the cast received little to no psychological support despite promises made otherwise.

Annjeanette Whaley on Facebook

My 600-lb Life has done more than just enrage and allegedly neglect and defraud its former castmates.

The show is accused of what is colloquially called breaking quarantine to film Season 9.

Specifically, they allegedly continued to film in multiple states up to the final days of March, after stay-at-home orders were issued.

We hope that we do not have to explain that any human being weighing 600 pounds would be more "at risk" than the average American.

Annjeanette Whaley 04

We do not know how many former castmates may join in suing Megalomedia over the next few months.

It is heartbreaking to think that some people asked for help, striking a bargain that led them to be publicly humiliated in front of millions, only to be neglected as a result.

That said, there may be more to it than we realize, as we have yet to hear a full argument from Megalomedia in response to all 8 lawsuits.

We will try to keep an open mind as this disturbing story continues to unfold.

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