Jenelle Evans Offers Quarantine Update: David Hasn't Traumatized the Kids ... Yet!

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As America concludes its third full week of social distancing, a lot of people are feeling that their patience is being tested by the people whom they're quarantined with.

But no matter how annoyed you're feeling at the moment, just be happy you're not on The Land with the most dysfunctional couple in the history of reality  TV.

Jenelle with David and Ensley

Yes, as you've likely heard by now, Jenelle Evans is back together with David Eason, which is a dangerous thing for everyone involved, particularly the couple's kids.

It's still unclear if Jenelle and David ever broke up at all, or if they just faked their breakup in the hope that MTV would re-hire her if she removed the abusive loser from her life.

Whatever the case, Jenelle went to a judge and made a pretty convincing argument that her ex should never again be allowed near her children.

Evans got a restraining order against Eason and told the court that she feared for life because of David.

David Eason Shoots Stuff

Despite that, she and David are currently self-quarantining together.

And while the situation seems fraught with peril, Jenelle says everything is going just fine ... so far, at least.

“Right now, all of the kids are home with us during this quarantine,” Evans recently told In Touch.

“Our family has been social distancing.”

Jenelle and David Eason

The kids might wish they were distancing themselves from the guy who murdered the family dog, but sadly, that's not the case.

Jenelle went on to say that she and her kids are experiencing the most relatable of quarantine quandaries, as their biggest problem these days is boredom.

“The kids are bored some days but [we are] trying to make the most of it by swimming in our pool or going outside in our yard to play,” she explained.

“The weather was nice this weekend, so we took them out on our boat on the river. We stayed away from the beaches.”

Jenelle Evans with David and Ensley

Fortunately, she says that the wide open spaces of the Easons' Carolina property allows the kids plenty of options.

“Jace wants to fish every day, Kaiser loves to swim and ‘trains to be a scuba diver’ and Ensley loves to cuddle and watch the Disney app with me on the couch," she added.

Evans said little about Davids' relationship with the kids, but she did reveal that in a shocking twist, her mother, Barbara Evans is “finally getting along” with Eason.

Jenelle told the magazine that Barbara “finally accepts” her husband.

Jenelle and David on a Date

“They currently have no issues with each other,” she said.

“It makes me very happy.”

Well, we suppose that's a step toward greater family stability.

Of course, it's easy to get along with someone when you're quarantined several miles away.

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