Sister Wives Attack: Janelle Brown Hurls Pretty Obvious Shade at Robyn

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So much for Sister Wives uniting, huh?

On the same night the latest season of this polarizing reality show came to an end, one cast member appeared to throw some serious shade at another cast member.

It was subtle, but it was also quite pointed.

Sister Wives: A Poster

As has been the case for several weeks now, nearly every Sister Wives family member live-Tweets nearly every episode.

Often times -- especially when the episodes are dealing with such boring content as where the Browns will reside moving forward -- these instant-reaction Tweets are more interesting than anything taking place on screen.

And we're pretty sure we've found the latest example of just such a case.

Scroll down to see what we mean...

Sister Wives, United

While Sunday's finale was airing, at least one viewer noted that Kody refers to Robyn Brown by the nickname "love."

This isn't so unusual on its own, of course.

But the same viewer also noted that Kody doesn't refer to any other wife by this nickname, prompting him/her to pose the following question on social media:


janelle diss

As you can see above, Janelle actually responded with an answer... that seems to say a lot.

“He calls me ‘sweetheart.’ I wouldn’t want to be called ‘love,'” the reality star shot back.

This could easily have been a harmless remark, one that signifies nothing more than a preference Janelle has for what she likes to be referred to as by her husband.

But it could also have been interpreted as a shot at Robyn, right?

Because Janelle is coming right now and scoffing at the cute name Kody has come up with for his youngest spouse.

Janelle Brown on Camera

Janelle also spent most of this finale gushing over her relationship with Christine.

With her daughter, Maddie, going into labor and Christine helping out tremendously as a co-parent, both of these Sister Wives praised polygamy on the episode because it enabled them to have a very strong support system in place at all times.

“We’ve always been pretty compatible and our children have always been born neck and neck -- like, you had one, I had one...

"Christine and I did a lot more coteam, coparenting, just because we had the bulk of the children," Janelle said on air.

Kody and Janelle Brown Selfie

Now, simply because Janelle and Christine are especially close... this doesn't mean Janelle has a problem with Robyn.

However, Kody himself recently blasted his fourth wife, prompting shock and concern from fans across the globe.

After wondering for so long whether the marriage between Meri and Kody was over, might we have been mistaken this whole time?

Could it actually soon be curtains for Kody and Robyn instead?

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