Doc Antle: I Know For a FACT Carole Baskin Killed Her Husband!

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March of 2020 found many of us asking questions we'd never contemplated before:

Chief among them - will we ever be able to go outside again? And, of course, did Carole Baskin really feed her husband to tigers?

Carole Baskin Pic

As we head deeper into April, both of those mysteries remain unsolved.

Sure, Baskin says she has proof that she didn't kill her husband, but the case against her remains pretty compelling.

Aside from Joe Exotic -- world's biggest celebrity in his own mind and, for the time being, in real life -- Carole is the only member of the Tiger King menagerie of weirdos to have an entire episode devoted to her backstory.

And what a story it is.

Carole Baskin, Husband

Much of the installment was devoted to the theory that Carole murdered her second husband, Don Lewis and disposed of the body by grinding it into meat for the large cats at her wildlife preserve.

It's an outlandish claim - but then again, just about everything in Tiger King is beyond belief.

Of course, Carole and Joe aren't the only larger-than-life characters the series introduced to the world.

There's also Bhagavan "Doc" Antle, another big cat-obsessed swinger (there really seems to be a connection between those two lifestyles) who's convinced that the rumors about Carole are 100 percent true.

“If you look at the series, Carole killed her husband," Antle bluntly states in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Doc Antle Carole Baskin

"I don’t know how she did it. I only have the evidence of the show, which seemed to produce a preponderance of ideas that convinced me that that's probably what happened," he adds.

Yes, Antle says the evidence found in the Netflix series of the moment is sufficient to condemn Baskin as a murderer.

“I had never heard so much of the detail,” Antle says.

“The story's been around forever, everyone says that and always has, but never got to be so uncovered," he continues.

Carole Baskin And a Tiger

"It's probably the only good thing that [filmmaker] Eric Goode did is that he uncovered more of that story, interviewed more people, and got it to congeal into one space where evidence appears to be so much of a preponderance of truth that something fiendish went along while Carole killed her husband.”

And Antle's not the only tiger fetishist with multiple partners (again, that's apparently a thing) who's convinced that Carole turned her missing husband into Meow Mix.

Millionaire and noted bandana enthusiast Jeff Lowe also believes Carole offed Don and used her pets to dispose of the corpse.

“I think she discovered that he was going to leave her,” Lowe tells ET.

Jeff Lowe

“And she was not about to let that happen. She was a street savvy young lady who had decided that she needed to protect her lifestyle.”

Carole claims she was never in possession of a meat grinder large enough to dispose of a human body, but Lowe says she's lying.

“We've heard certain things; we've heard names of who people think helped her,” he says.

“You know, the meat grinder that they showed in the [docuseries], she scoffed at the fact that Don could be put through a meat grinder that was four inches. That's not the meat grinder that we know that she had," Lowe continues.

Carole Baskin Image

"And we've been told that there's a police report someplace in Hillsborough County, where Carole filed claiming that one of her buildings was broken into and her meat grinders were stolen.” 

“They spread this rumor that they thought I had ground Don up and fed him to the cats," Carole recently wrote on Facebook.

"And the media loved it. The meat grinder shown in the video was enormous," she added.

"Our meat grinder was one of those little tabletop, hand crank things, like you’d have in your kitchen at home, like the one pictured here.”

Meet Joe Exotic

Whatever the case, Joe Exotic is the one who's in prison, and Carole remains a free woman.

But Doc Antle says that may not be the case for long, as the public is newly obsessed with her case.

“In the grocery store, people walk up and go, ‘Carole killed her husband,’” Antle says.

“It is the meme of our times right now.” 

Sounds like we may have enough material for a sequel series!

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