David Eason: Dr. Drew is a Covid-19 Denier! MTV Needs to Fire That Quack!!

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You'll never believe this, not in a million years ...

But David Eason has a problem with someone.

David Eason on The Land

We know, we know, it's not like him to have an issue with anybody -- what with him being such an easygoing, likable kind of guy.

... Wait, what? What's that?

David Eason is a terrible human being with overly aggressive tendencies who can pick a fight with literally anyone over literally anything?


Dave Eason

Well, then it really should come as much of a surprise that David is going right the heck off over some recent comments made by none other than his former Teen Mom 2 coworker, Dr. Drew.

Dr. Drew, in case you missed it, has gotten some negative attention lately for comments he's made about this whole pandemic situation.

He's got a big platform -- in addition to doing the Teen Mom reunions, he's got his own show, he's got a podcast, and networks often reach out to him for his stance on all sorts of issues related to health and medicine.

Remember, in addition to everything else, he's still an actual doctor.

Jenelle Evans With Dr. Drew

In February and March, he made several statements about coronavirus, and they were all ... well, they weren't great.

He's said that the flu is a bigger deal than the coronavirus, that more people will die from the flu, that people have a higher chance of being hit by an asteroid than they do of dying from the virus.

He's said that this whole thing is just a media scare, and he's encouraged people to keep going out and living their lives.

Even after recommendations started coming in for people to stop traveling and stay at home as much as possible, he said that he was still flying all over the country and taking trains.

Dr. Drew P.

At the end of March, when pretty much everyone realized how serious things were, Dr. Drew was still doing his best to convince everyone that the flu is way, way more serious.

Earlier this week, he did apologize -- he said in no uncertain terms that his previous statements were wrong.

He also said that he'd offered his services as a physician in both California and New York and that he's prepared to help treat coronavirus patients whenever and wherever he's needed.

So that's nice, right?

Dr. Drew Smirks

Ideally he wouldn't have spread information in the first place, but at least he's trying to make it right now.

But for David, that's not good enough.

Here's a little something he posted on his Instagram stories this week:

David Eason on Dr. Drew

"MTV, Viacom, CBS should fire Dr. Drew for denying the Covid-19 virus and causing millions of people to become infected after they believed him!!" his message read.

David has had a bit of an obsession with getting other people fired from MTV after he was fired himself back in 2018 -- it's been this whole thing.

But while all the things Dr. Drew said in the past several weeks haven't been great, this is kind of a weird thing for David to take the moral high ground on, right?

It sounds like he's less concerned about the actual issue and more into being vindictive for no real reason, but we guess that's kind of his vibe in general already.

Do you think Dr. Drew should be fired?

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