David Eason: If I Was Abusive to Jenelle Evans, It Was Because She Deserved It!

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It's getting hard to keep up with all the awful things David Eason has been saying about Jenelle Evans since she left him.

Not only because it's sad and disturbing to hear the nonsense that comes out of his mouth, but also because he's just spewed so much of it.

For his latest statement, David got especially horrible ...

He just straight up blamed Jenelle for all the things he's done to her.

1. Big Yikes

Big Yikes
David has been giving off bad vibes ever since his very first appearance on Teen Mom 2 -- it's kind of his whole thing.

2. Ugh

And if the seriously, seriously bad vibes weren't enough back then, there was also the claims of abuse from his ex, who had said in court that he'd been violent with her even while she was pregnant with their son.

3. Poor Kaiser

Poor Kaiser
He was nice enogh to Jenelle in the beginning, but we did see him be weirdly cruel to Kaiser. Who could forget when he called him a "screaming little bitch"?

4. Getting Worse

Getting Worse
Then he started cutting Jenelle off from everyone else in her life -- he caused tons of problems between her and Barbara, remember?

5. Senseless

He also very nearly destroyed her coparenting relationship with Nathan Griffith.

6. So Sad

So Sad
After a while, some very serious allegations started popping up. First, Nathan and his own mother, Doris, began saying that David had been abusing Kaiser.

7. Wow

Doris even filed for emergency custody in 2017, claiming that Kaiser had told her and Nathan that David had hurt him and that she'd seen him and Jenelle neglecting the kids, but she was unable to continue the legal battle.

8. This Guy

This Guy
Right around that same time was the infamous balloon incident: MTV threw a party for all the Teen Mom cast members so they could film a special, and a bartender cut David off because they were supposed to be working, not getting trashed, so he pulled out a knife and started hacking at a balloon arch, because that's what stable people do.

9. Oh No

But things got even worse in 2018 -- that was when Jenelle made that heartbreaking 911 call in which we heard her crying hysterically and telling the operator that David had pushed her to the ground so hard she thought she heard her collarbone snap.

10. Horrifying

That was around the same time that David really started to lose it. Not long after the 911 call was when he was investigated by the Secret Service after posting a video of an assault rifle and tagging Trump in it.

11. Reaching the Peak

Reaching the Peak
After that, we remember thinking that surely that was it -- he couldn't possibly get any worse.

12. Nope

But oh, how wrong we were.

13. Oh, Kaiser

Oh, Kaiser
At the beginning of this year, Nathan shared some graphic photos of bruises on Kaiser's backside -- he said that Kaiser had told him that David had hit him with a stick.

14. Fair

That started a nasty feud, but it also caused Nathan to get serious about getting custody of Kaiser from Jenelle ... little did he know there was about to be a major custody shakeup real soon.

15. RIP Nugget

RIP Nugget
Just a few months after Nathan posted those photos, David brutally killed Nugget, Jenelle's French bulldog.

16. Good

All of the children were removed from the home -- Kaiser went with Nathan, Ensley went with Barbara, who'd also been told to keep Jace away, and Maryssa went to her grandmother's house.

17. Making Changes?

Making Changes?
Jenelle and David were ordered to attend parenting classes, and David had to do anger management as well. During this time, police were also investigating the situation. For a bit, it seemed like something might actually happen.

18. ... Oh

... Oh
But after around two months of court, the judge suddenly ordered the kids be given back to Jenelle and David immediately. The investigation ended without any arrests, too.

19. Frightening

All of this is to show what Jenelle dealt with while she was with David. And when you put it all together like this ... it was a whole, whole lot, huh?

20. Dang It, David

Dang It, David
And that's not even touching on how he's been behaving since she left him -- all the crude comments he's made about her being "loose," or the insinuations that she was actually the abusive one.

21. So Scary

So Scary
Or how Jenelle was able to get a restraining order after proving David had been abusive -- one of her pieces of evidence was a text from David in which he apparently threatened to kill a guy and force her to eat his head.

22. The Worst

The Worst
It's just bad, all right? It's all bad. Very bad.

23. Come On

Come On
But according to a new statement from David, everything was Jenelle's fault. Because of course it was.

24. Uh ...

Uh ...
"Don't you love when people talk sh-t about something you did or said to them like it has nothing to do with what they did or said to you," he posted on his Facebook, along with an eyeroll emoji.

25. Sick

And that's just a gross thing to say, even for David.

26. So Wrong

So Wrong
Is he trying to say that his abuse was justified because of something she said or did first? Because that's what it sounds like he's trying to say, and that's not good.

27. David, No

David, No
He expressed the same sentiment in the comments on his post -- someone shared a meme that read "They never want to discuss what triggered you, just how you reacted," and he replied with "Exactly."

28. Hmmm

And when someone pointed out that he's still responsible for his actions, he said "That is very true unless it's self defense."

29. Not a Good Look

Not a Good Look
He even liked a comment that read "I mean, she's a hot mess and likes to play the victim card. It's always someone else's fault."

30. On One Hand ...

On One Hand ...
We're sure that Jenelle did some not-so-nice things to David during their relationship. From what we've seen of her over the years, she never treats the guys she's with all that great, and obviously she's difficult to deal with.

31. But Still

But Still
But when you consider everything that David has done to her over these past few years, it's just gross for him to say that it was actually her fault. Really, really gross -- again, even for David.

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