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On January 7 of this year, Abbie and John David Duggar welcomed their first child, a precious little baby named Grace.

This week, Grace turned 3 months old, and her parents are offering fans rare, precious glimpses at their wonderful baby girl.

John David Duggar, Abbie Burnett, and Grace Duggar Support a Sports Team

On Monday, April 6, John David decided to put his team spirit on display.

He is a huge fan of the sports team, the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Judging by her matching outfit, precious little Grace is also a "fan."

This cozy family photo was nothing compared to the special treat that fans received the next day.

Photo via Instagram

On Tuesday, April 7, Grace was officially three months old.

Her parents took to Instagram to share photos of her looking alert and curious.

Babies don’t always know what to make of cameras, but Grace’s budding personality shined through as she wore seasonally appropriate colors.

Fans have only seen a handful of glimpses of Grace before, so this was a real treat for their followers.

Photo via Instagram

Interestingly, John David and Abbie are not as avid users of social media as a number of other members of the Duggar family.

Many within the family see it was a form of ministry — just as they were instructed to consider filming for reality television.

Others just like touching base with fans and showing parts of their lives on their own terms, even if it means seeing nasty comments, too.

John David and Abbie have only made a few hundred Instagram posts — but we’re glad that these adorbs pics of Grace were among them.

Abbie Burnett and John David Duggar ... and Baby
Photo via Instagram

In comments below the photos, many opined that little Grace resembles Abbie.

Others pointed out what they saw as a resemblance to Grace’s aunt and John David’s twin, Jana.

Jana herself chimed in to comment about how expressive and adorable she finds Grace’s face.

Unlike most of the unmarried Duggars, 30-year-old Jana is permitted her own Instagram account with which to make these comments.

Joohn David Duggar Baby Pic
Photo via Instagram

Jana got plenty of cuddles and kisses in with Grace during the past three months, so unlike fans, she is not limited to what she sees on the ‘gram.

Counting On fans were recently treated to John David and Abbie’s story of bringing sweet little Grace into the world.

Notably, there has been no premiere date announced for a new season, leading many fans to wonder if the show has been canceled.

That speculation has been polarizing among viewers. Some want to keep up with the family, others don’t want to continue to enrich Jim Bob.

Grace Duggar
Photo via Instagram

But viewing and adoring little Grace at three months is something that can unite fans, no matter their thoughts on Jim Bob and Michelle.

Grace is precious and lacks the baggage that some of her older relatives have with fans.

Here’s to hoping that John David and Abbie continue to treat fans to photoshoots of their precious daughter.

After all, during the current crisis, a lot of people could use a few extra reasons to smile every day, don’t you think so?