Ashley Jones Goes OFF, Kailyn Lowry Storms Off Stage on Insane Teen Mom 2 Reunion!

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Well, it may have taken them almost three hours to get there, but at least this year's Teen Mom 2 reunion special finally delivered some drama.

Now, we don't want to see any violence breaking out among the moms -- but violence almost breaking out as one of them launches a tirade against the rest of the cast?

That's just good television.

This year, it was Ashley Jones of Teen Mom Young and Pregnant who did the ranting.

She felt she'd been unfairly characterized as the resident troublemaker in the franchise and she responded by -- making some trouble.

This led to Kailyn Lowry storming off stage and a very mixed reaction on social media.

Here's an in-depth look at the insanity that ensued:

1. It's Going Down

It's Going Down
Ashley Jones was not having it, y'all. The Teen Mom Young and Pregnant star vented ALL of her frustrations during Tuesday night's Teen Mom 2 reunion special.

2. Clash of the Moms

Clash of the Moms
Things started off innocently -- albeit randomly -- when the ladies of TMYP took the stage to help liven up the TM2 reunion.

3. Doing Their Job

Doing Their Job
Yeah, Dr. Drew can justify it however he wants, we all know Ashley and company were there to stir the pot. And stir they did ...

4. Leading the Way

Leading the Way
As is often the case, Ashley Jones led the pack and instigated a conflict with her fellow moms.

5. Cline Time

Cline Time
The link between the two shows is Jade Cline, who started off on TMYP before getting hired to replace Jenelle Evans on TM2.

6. Sounding Off

Sounding Off
The ladies were asked how they felt about Jade joining the cast, and everyone was supportive -- except for Ashley, who had some very strong feelings on the subject.

7. An Accusation of Shade

An Accusation of Shade
"I was more than supportive of your move to Teen Mom 2 until you said what you said," said Ashley, "I felt shaded by that."

8. Jade Shade?

Jade Shade?
Jade objected that she "didn't say sh-t" and pointed out that Ashley called her mother a crackhead.

9. Stage Beef

Stage Beef
Jade shot back, "She is a crackhead, bitch!" This remark understandably upset Jade, who got upset and asked Jones if she "wants beef on stage."

10. Lowry Intervenes

Lowry Intervenes
Kail instructed Jade to simply walk off stage, but host Nessa made a remark that's difficult to understand in the footage. Some fans heard it as "move to the back"

11. Kail Bails

Kail Bails
This led Kail to storm off the stage with a parting shot at host Nessa.

12. Shady Syllable

Shady Syllable
Nessa shot back with a single "ew," and Kail continued her dramatic storm-out.

13. What Did She SAY?!

What Did She SAY?!
In all likelihood, the nature of Nessa's remark will continue to be debated by Teen Mom 2 fans until the end of time.

14. A Bit Much?

A Bit Much?
We may never know for sure what was said, but right now, the consensus is that Kail overreacted by storming off.

15. Back to the Jerry Springer Show

Back to the Jerry Springer Show
For their part, the rest of the Young and Pregnant girls maintained their composure throughout Ashley's tirade.

16. Keeping Cool

Keeping Cool
This, despite the fact that she went off on them for two minutes straight before security finally escorted her from the stage.

17. A Classic Rant

A Classic Rant
"Let's just cut the whole entire sh-t," Ashley said, delivering one of the great lines in Teen Mom history. "You b-tches act like it's me that's the problem. I'm not the mother f--king problem."

18. No More BS

No More BS
"I'm not going to play this bullsh-t game," she added. "I will beat the dog shit out of you. Stop trying me. I support all you bitches, where's the support for me!"

19. Not the Type to Hold Back

Not the Type to Hold Back
"F--k all y'all dumbass b-tches," Ashley continued. "I should spit on your mother f--king face. Y'all got me here for this bullshit."

20. Security!

Ashley ranted a while longer about how she provides support but never receives it from her co-stars. Eventually, she was escorted off stage by security.

21. Keep 'Em Separated

Keep 'Em Separated
Jones ranted behind the scenes for a bit before being brought back on stage for some reason!

22. Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again
Not surprisingly, drama popped off a second time, as Ashley squared off with co-star Kayla Sessler. This time, the show cut to commercial before we got to see anything good.

23. This Freakin' Guy

This Freakin' Guy
During this second spat, Dr. Drew reminded the ladies "we don't have to tear each other down," as though he didn't create this situation.

24. A Peaceful New Year

A Peaceful New Year
Surprisingly, everyone involved has been mostly quiet about the incident on social media. Though Kail did tweet this about her hopes for next year a few hours before the reunion aired.

25. One Last Spat

One Last Spat
Is it bad that we're hoping Ashley comes after her on Twitter so we can end the year on a dramatic note?

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