Brandi Glanville to Denise Richards: You're a Complete B!tch

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Brandi Glanville did not appear on the Season 10 premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

But the former cast member most definitely tuned in to Wednesday night's episode.

And she most definitely had something to say about the way her alleged ex-lover acted on screen.


At one point during the installment, Glanville signed on to Twitter and dragged Denise Richards for the way she treated a waiter on the premiere.

“I’m sorry but their [SIC] is a way to say to your waiter (I’ve waited a lot of tables) that you think your drink might be wrong without being a complete bitch!!!” Brandi wrote.

“I judge people by the way they treat others.”

glanville shot

In a follow-up message, Glanville wrote, “She was rude to a waiter -- at least her glam was on point.”

And then:

“I think if your [SIC] unhappy you send things back with a smile & an explanation,” the Celebrity Big Brother alum added in a third Tweet. “Don’t shoot the messenger you know?”

For those who missed the return episode of this franchise, Richards argued with a waiter about the type of tequila she was served on air -- and then revealed via Twitter that she apologized at the restaurant.

“I was all fired up before my tequila was delivered. I felt terrible and apologized to the waiter,” the actress wrote. “But I do know my tequila #RHOBH.”

Meanwhile, for those who have missed the latest happenings and rumors related to this Real Housewives series over the past few months, well...

... settle in and take a deep breath.

Because Glanville's pointed criticism of Richards goes FAR beyond one order at one eatery.

Denise Richards Knows Her Ex

There's been speculation for almost a year now that Glanville and Richards carried on a lengthy, same-sex affair... despite the latter being married and despite the latter denying these accusations.

This allegation continues to hang over the program, however.

When asked how the Wild Things actress is “in bed,” Brandi quipped on Wednesday evening: “I have been sent a legal STFU.”

And after another viewer accused Brandi of “pretending to be in love” to get screen time, she clarified:

“I’m not in love with anyone but my 2 children. I was never in love with Denise I never said that or implied that.”

Denise Richards Cries at Season 9 Reunion

In January, Richards stopped filming scenes with the other Housewives after Glanville brought up their relationship on camera.

Denise subsequently filed a cease and desist order, which is the legal STFU to which Brandi is referring above.

“I was surprised more at the cease and desist than I was the stopping of filming,” Erika Jayne told Us Weekly ahead of the premiere, adding:

“I could understand, ‘Hey, wait a second. I need a minute. Hold on, this is not … Things are out of control.’ But the cease and desist is something that I was most taken aback by.

"I was a little bit more shocked. Like, ‘Wow, OK.’ That’s interesting.”

some housewives

Richards got married to Aaron Phypers in September of 2018.

In a series of upcoming scenes teased at the end of Wednesday night's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premiere, viewers saw that the supposed Glanville-Richards affair will play a huge role as the season forges ahead.

“I am not doing this you guys. Stop, stop, Bravo, Bravo, f-cking Bravo, I am out. I am not f-cking doing this," screams Richards while sitting with castmates t one point.

A tearful clip of Denise then played on the episode.

“I’m a very married woman,” she said to Kyle in a future scene. “And I love my husband."

But did she munch any carpet behind his back last year?

“What really happened with Brandi and Denise will play out on the season," an insider tells People Magazine, making it seem (gasp!) as if this could all be a bunch of BS conjured up for publicity reasons and concluding:

"There is a lot of she said, she said going on. But it’s going to be very dramatic.”

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