The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 10 Preview is Here (And It's Bananas)!

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Brace yourselves, reality TV viewers.

And brace yourselves hard.

With The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills set to premiere on Wednesday, April  15 at 8/7c, Bravo has gone ahead and given fans an early look at all the action to come.

And all the chaos to come.

And all the emotions to come.

And all the craziness to come.

Who is actually confirmed for the cast? What can we expect from each star?

Scroll down for a bunch of spoilers -- and so much more!

1. Who is Actually in the Cast?

Who is Actually in the Cast?
Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, Erika Jayne (Girardi), Dorit Kemsley, Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave and Denise Richards will all return, and be joined by the first African American cast member in this program's history, Garcelle Beauvais.

2. Is Beauvais Up For This Challenege?

Is Beauvais Up For This Challenege?
Oh heck yes!"For me, that is some white people stuff," Garcelle cracks in the just-released preview, before later shading the other women during a speech at a gala. "I'd love to say thank you to my new best friends," she says. "Some of them, not so much."

3. Who Will Be Beefing?

Who Will Be Beefing?
We mean, who won't be?!? The trailer makes note of a heated dinner argument between Kyle and Dorit. They hold absolutely nothing back.

4. Who's Been Part of a Thruple?

Who's Been Part of a Thruple?
No one, really. But Erika comes right out and says in thsi footage; "I've never been with a girl. I've only been with a couple."

5. Who is This Sutton Stracke Person?

Who is This Sutton Stracke Person?
She's a friend of the cast and he's clearly around to stir up drama. To wit: "Teddi, you are a little boring," Sutton says in the preview. "Are we supposed to be honest, or not?"

6. Where are the Ladies Off To?

Where are the Ladies Off To?
Rome! The cast heads there for a fancy getaway where the ladies will shop and visit iconic landmarks such as the Trevi fountain.

7. Who Will Make Some Surprise Appearances?

Who Will Make Some Surprise Appearances?
We're about to ruin the surprises, but: Adrienne Maloof, Camille Grammer, Kim Richards, Brandi Glanville and Eileen Davidson ALL pop up in the new trailer.

8. Will Old Feuds Resurface?

Will Old Feuds Resurface?
You better believe it! "You were an asshole on Twitter," Lisa Rinna tells Camille at one point, in perhaps our favorite moment from the preview.

9. Brandi Versus Denise!

Brandi Versus Denise!
Remember those rumors about how these two had an affair the two had? "She's not who she pretends to be," Brandi says in the video, referencing the ex-actress. Denise later tells the group: "I don't deserve this. That is a huge thing to f-cbrandking say.

10. Denise Versus Lisa!

Denise Versus Lisa!
We also see everything seemingly come to a head during a tense meeting between Denise and Rinna. "You sent a cease and desist," Rinna says. "Who told you that?" Denise asks. "Oh, you're so angry," Lisa replies with sarcasm and disgust.

11. Can Kyle Have Everything?

Can Kyle Have Everything?
Kyle will find herself busier than ever on Season 10, juggling between time with her family and ever-growing and busy work demands. Dead set on diving back into her acting career and launch a new clothing line, she wonder whether she can truly have it all.

12. And Dorit?

And Dorit?
Dorit Kemsley won't be sure if she can handle a new house... and an expanding swimwear line... AND a new business venture that finds her redesigning the interior of an existing restaurant.

13. And Lisa?

And Lisa?
The kids are all out of the house for Lisa Rinna, who must deal with unexpected circumstances around her daughters' independence while also supervising their modeling careers. That's a lot to handle.

14. And Teddi?

And Teddi?
Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave is very pregnant. She'll also be managing a business while trying to be there present for her family. When will she give birth to baby number-three?

15. And Denise?

And Denise?
Denise Richards now has her dream job. It allows her to spend time at home with her three daughters and new husband. When a familiar friend and a stunning rumor (referenced above) caused the ladies to question her, Denise will be left to defend herself.

16. And Erika?

And Erika?
Erika Girardi will be enjoying the fruits of her rising career when she tackles her biggest project yet: starring in a Broadway musical. Whoa! Having cemented a place for herself among loyal dance club fans, Erika is curious whether they will follow her to a more mainstream role.

17. And Garcelle?

And Garcelle?
A single mother and popular actress, Garcelle Beauvais will not be backing down. Confident and unapologetic, she won't be afraid to speak her mind... even if it means ruffling a few diamonds along the way.

18. And Sutton

And Sutton
Sutton Stracke is ready to rumble! She is newly-divorced and opening a high-end boutique in town on Season 10. Although the ladies appreciate Sutton's unique style, her outspoken and quirky personality might result in a great deal of drama.

19. Ready to Check Out All the Action?

You are one PLAY button away! Get your first look at all the craziness to come now!

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