Brandi Glanville or Denise Richards: Who's Lying About Hooking Up?

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As the new year dawned, fans learned that Brandi Glanville and Denise Richards were feuding over rumors of an alleged hookup.

Denise says that she never banged Brandi, but that's not the end of it. Behind-the-scenes sources are explaining how this feud began.

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According to a new report by Us Weekly, what started it all off was a simple conversation.

The ladies of Beverly Hills, taking a page out of Orange County's book from this past season, were discussing threesomes.

"Denise shut down the conversation," the insider spills, "because her children were in very close proximity at another table."

"The girls could hear everything," the source explains.

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The Eloise is only 8, the other two girls are 15 and 14.

That's old enough to recognize some key words in that conversation, and quite frankly, nobody wants to hear about their mom's sex life.

"Denise doesn’t have anything to hide," the insider insists.

The source says: "If she had a threesome, she would own it."

Brandi Glanville, Big Hair

"She just didn’t think it was appropriate conversation with the girls present," the insider reasons. That's fair enough.

So after dinner, with the girls out of sight, the talk started up again.

This is where Brandi made a startling revelation to her castmates -- one that would spiral out of control and ignite a feud.

According to the source, Brandi alleged to the Housewives that she "has hooked up with Denise in the past."

Denise Richards in a Silver Gown

"She also says she and Denise had a threesome with someone," the insider claims.

But the source rebuffs this, saying: "Denise has only met Brandi one time prior and it was in a social setting."

"Denise has never been intimate with Brandi, ever," the insider emphasizes.

Clearly, this inside source is Team Denise. But they're not the only one opening up about what went down.

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A second source insists that Brandi "never said that" about Denise and her husband.

"She said they were trying to have a threesome with someone," the insider says.

The source then adds: "But she didn’t say it was with her."

Also, Brandi is said by this source to have never said that they definitely had the threesome or not -- simply that they looked into it.

Denise Richards for Season 9

The first source says that Denise initially "laughed it off" when she heard the alleged threesome and Brandi rumors.

But now, for whatever reason, her mood has changed, and the insider says that Denise "wants all of that footage taken out of the show."

"It’s one thing for the drama to be directed or even scripted in certain situations," the source notes.

The insider complains: "But to have blatantly false lies spewed as if it were fact is just wrong and shouldn’t be allowed."

Brandi Cleavage

“Brandi wanted to confront Denise at the finale of the cast party," the source shares.

The insider continues: "But Denise already had other plans that evening."

"And," the source explains, "she didn’t want to give her a platform to make those allegations."

The insider also emphasizes that Denise and Aaron "don’t have open marriage." Sorry if that crushes anybody's celebrity threesome dreams.

Denise Richards and Aaron Phypers

The second source paints a very different picture of how things really are between Denise and Brandi.

"They’ve hooked up on more than one occasion," the insider claims.

"Denise was not married to Aaron when they first hooked up," the source details.

"Another time Brandi was under the impression that they had some openness to Denise and Aaron’s relationship," the insider adds.

The source concludes by saying that Brandi assumed this "and that Aaron was aware of what was going on."

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