Denise Richards Rage Quits The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in Premiere Supertease

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Last year, rumors of an alleged hookup between Denise Richards and Brandi Glanville rattled The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

On the Season 10 premiere, that hadn't come up yet. But the superteaser for the rest of the season puts Denise's drama front and center.

RHOBH s10e01 Kyle Richards overwhelmed

Before we get into the very exciting superteaser for the rest of the season, let's tackle the premiere.

Most of the episode took place at New York Fashion Week, back in the good ol' days when people could gather in groups in public places.

Kyle Richards was showing off her Kyle + Shahida collection.

In what was mostly just a stunt to make sure that the runway got on the show, almost all of her castmates walked the runway.

RHOBH s10e01 Kyle Richards cried the whole time

Notably, newcomers Sutton and Garcelle were not part of that.

Kyle was in a little over her head, and there were a lot of jitters (and tears).

The actual show itself was a success.

Even fashionista Sutton admitted that she wants a piece from this collection. That's a real success.

RHOBH s10e01 Garcelle and Sutton watch

The premiere also dealt with Denise Richards' infamous ex, Charlie Sheen.

Now, Denise had previously claimed that Charlie owes her $450,000 in back child support.

"I wanna give you a heads up about something. It's going to piss you off," Teddi Mellencamp cautioned Denise.

She then showed her a headline, revealing: "Charlie responded publicly."

Sheen and Richards

Charlie Sheen's statement read: "D and her legal posse traffic only in fiction my day in court is painfully overdue."

"She is behaving like a coward," he accused, "and the truth will prevail."

"He called me a coward?" Denise responded.

She then commented: "I've been called worse by him, those are just names."

RHOBH s10e01 Denise Richards gets legal advice

"This is getting me all fired up now," Denise admitted. "He hasn't paid me child support in over a year."

She remarked: "And he's very lucky I never took him to court. It is such a toxic road, it brings up so much anxiety."

Garcelle praised Denise for taking "the high road when you didn't have to."

Erika was horrified that Denise didn't even have an attorney in play for this issue, and called up her husband who advised her to take Charlie to court.

Denise Richards Knows Her Ex

"I appreciate the f--king advice," Denise affirmed in a confessional interview.

"But If anyone knows Charlie, it's me," she noted.

"And," Denise continued, "I know how to handle it. It's not your family, it's mine."

Not everyone is willing to take advice from their friends and castmates.

Kyle Richards Warns of Drama to Come

Then, the supertease for the rest of the season began, heralded by Kyle's commentary.

"We were all so happy that day," she recalled of the fashion show. "It's hard to even imagine how terrible things would soon become."

Cue the dramatic music ... and the card informing viewers that Denise had ragequit the season.

This is all about her alleged affair with Brandi Glanville.

RHOBH s10e01 Denise Richards stopped filming

"I was honest. I've been honest. I'm done. No, I'm done," Denise says, presumably about the Brandi drama.

She is arguing with Kyle at the time, who is trying to be helpful.

No one is trying to chase her away, but it seems clear that Denise is not comfortable airing her dirty laundry on the show.

This is not the last time that cameras follow her, however.

Denise Richards and Aaron Phypers Storm Away

We also see a moment when Denise all but drags her hunky yet confused husband, Aaron, away from the ladies and the cameras.

"I'm done, I'm not f--king doing this," she declares.

Quietly, she orders Aaron: "Don't say a f--king word. We're on camera. Don't say a f--king word."

And even that is not the end of it.

RHOBH s10e01 Denise Richards Aaron Phypers don't say a word

"I am not doing this you guys. Stop, Bravo, Bravo, f--king Bravo, I'm out. I'm not f--king doing this," she announces.

We also see Denise, tears in her eyes, explain: "I'm a very married woman and I love my husband."

Erika Jayne tells her that she does not have to explain herself.

But the tone of the supertease seems to indicate that Denise does not take that well.

Denise Richards is Not Doing This Anymore

At the end, Kyle hears a prediction that the women will never again see Denise film with them.

However, in a dramatic reveal, the supertease shows Denise filming for an interview, with huge "surprise bish" energy.

Are they just stringing us along or did she really return to tell everyone exactly what she thinks?

Only time will tell, but this teaser drops some great hints.

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