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Tamra Judge is no longer a Real Housewife. That we know. She won’t be on the Bravo franchise that made her a star next season.

So what is Tamra going to do next? Apparently, she and husband Eddie are gearing up to leave the county of oranges altogether.

Tamra Judge, Husband
Photo via Instagram

Tamra Judge sat down with Vicki Gunvalson on the latter’s podcast, Whoop It Up With Vicki.

There, the pair of former reality stars discussed an array of topics, including Tamra’s plans for the future.

"Do you guys think you’ll stay in Orange County when you retire?" Vicki asks.

"No," Tamra replies without hesitation. 

Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson Filming After RHOC Exit

"I think we’re going to move out of state," Tamra suggests.

Oh, so she’s not just talking about leaving the OC, but the entire state of California!

"Sophia still has three years left of school," Tamra points out.

Our guess is that she means that she’ll wait another three years, at least, before moving. Stability is good for teens.

Tamra Judge on Air
Photo via BRAVO

Tamra may have another huge reason for postponing her flight from Orange County.

Her ex, the father of three of her children, Simon Barney, is engaged in a cancer battle for his life. 

Stage 3 throat cancer is no joke, and Tamra wants to be there for him and for her children in this turbulent time.

(Real talk? A global pandemic is arguably the worst imaginable time to have cancer, to be pregnant, or to otherwise need any kind of medical care)

Tamra Judge Glitters in Gold at the Reunion
Photo via Bravo

That said … is Tamra just threatening to move?

She herself revealed that Andy Cohen reportedly told her that she’ll be back on RHOC next year.

Significantly, that does not mean for this upcoming season, the first ever season to not feature Vicki.

But if Tamra is expecting to return for Season 16, she wouldn’t turn down a massive payday and a return to reality TV just to get a new house.

Tamra Judge Meme: That's My Opinion!

At least, that’s our guest.

Nothing is set in stone, especially with this season’s filming schedule thrown off by the coronavirus pandemic.

There has also been talk about the idea of Tamra joining another Real Housewives series.

Moving out of the OC does not mean giving up on reality TV.

It's truly the end of an era

Speaking of former Housewives and moving, Vicki Gunvalson dishes that she may move out of state, as well.

According to Vicki, her fiance Steve Lodge "wants to move" eventually.

Vicki is considering a move to North Carolina, where of course her daughter and grandchildren live.

Our guess is that Vicki might enjoy living in one of NC’s major cities, like Raleigh or Charlotte, unlike her daughter’s more remote home.

Shannon Beador Catches Fire
Photo via Bravo

As we mentioned, this season is not exactly going as planned.

Last year, Shannon’s birthday dinner made a splash. This year, she picked up the food curbside and ate at home.

This pandemic is a game-changer for the entertainment industry, and almost all production has ground to a halt.

It’s not that reality stars can’t have drama while sheltering in place. It’s just that Bravo cannot send their camera crews to film it all.