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As America faces what may legitimately be the most dire crisis in this nation’s history, Sister Wives star Christine Brown is trying to send a subtle message to everyone stuck at home these days.

Which, let’s be honest, really out to be every single person in the country.

Christine Brown at Home

Amid the Covid-19 outbreak, and subsequent shut down of nearly all non-essential businesses around the United States, Christine has been spending time with just her family.

And loving it!

On Thursday, March 19, the long-time TLC personality made sure to keep a very positive outlook while taking the necessary precautions to keep her and her loved ones healthy.

“As soon as Truely woke up, Axel and Evangalynn got so excited to see her and play with her,” the 47-year old captioned a picture of these children hanging out at home.

She added:

“Staying inside these last few days has been magical. We’re slowing down and just playing and hanging out. #blessed #momlife #daughters #oma #auntie #grandkids.”

It’s pretty clear that the star is taking full advantage of her extra time with Maddie and Caleb Brush’s kids.

Back on March 15, Christine also revealed how her, her daughter and her grandchildren are keeping occupied with the extra downtime. 

Christine Brown Weight Loss Pic

“Mostly playing games, dancing, mauling each other. The usual,” she wrote alongside another sweet snapshot of everyone relaxing on the cozy carpet.

It sounds as if Christine is NOT isolating alongside husband Kody Brown, which might explain why she isn’t minding the need to social distance these days.

As loyal Sister Wives viewers know well, Kody has not been getting along with his spouses at all these days.

He’s even been clashing with his supposed favorite, Robyn. We never thought we’d see the day!

Kody Brown and the Sister Wives in Season 14

The Sister Wives, of course, are basically stuck inside for the foreseeable future. Just like the rest of us.

With thousands of Americans having been diagnosed with Coronavirus, and with the numbers growing everyday, state governments everywhere are ordering residents to stay away from anyone outside of their immediate family.

It’s a challenge, that’s for sure.

But maybe we can all take a lesson or two from Christine and just try to really value all this extra time with our relatives.

These Sister Wives

Plus, in this day and age, there are lots of ways to keep in touch with people, you know?

Meri Brown even posted a quick message of her own along these lines.

“Practice social distancing, but not social media distancing. Ya’ll! We need each other,” she wrote on her Instagram Stories this week.

And followers seem to be taking note.

“The silver lining of all the madness!” one perrson wrote in response, before another added: “It really does slow us down and enjoy the family a lot more."