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It’s only been five months since Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott broke up, but we’ve heard roughly 47,000 bogus reconciliation rumors during that time.

Fans are once again buzzing about the possibility that Stormi’s parents are back together, but this time, there’s one major reason to believe these two are really giving their relationship another chance:

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner Grammys Pic
Photo via Getty

The originator of the rumors is none other than Kylie herself.

Things started off subtly enough with the photo below.

You might be asking yourself how a photo of Kylie alone on a plane could possibly serve as a sign that she’s back with her baby daddy.

But take a closer look at her footwear, and you might see why fans are freaking out.

Photo via Instagram

Yes, she’s rocking a pair of Nikes designed by Scott that have not yet been released to the public.

Seems like a mighty personal gift for a guy to give to his ex, no?

Of course, on its own, that pic wouldn’t serve as sufficient evidence thst Kylie and Travis are back together.

The photos that Kylie posted in her Instagramy Story, on the other hand …

The woman knew what she was doing when she posted three consecutive pics of her and Travis wih the words "It’s a mood" written across them.

They appear to be throwback pics, and they do not depict a recent outing to a basketball game.

Still, Kylie knew fans would interpret the photos as a sign that she and Travis are back on.

And since that didn’t stop her from posting — is it safe to assume that they really are back on?

As In Touch Weekly points out, the response from fans was predictably over the top.

“Kylie Jenner just posted a photo of her and Travis Scott saying, ‘It’s a mood.’ [I swear to God] if they’re [back] together,” one commenter wrote.

“[Are] Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott back together OMG??? Honestly, if they are … I’m so happy for Stormi she deserves [it],” another added.

And these photos are not the only recent evidence that Kylie has decided to give her man a second chance.

Last week, Kris Jenner appeared on Ellen, and the host grilled her about her daughter’s relationship.

"I don’t know if they’re back together. They’re just great co-parenters." Kris said.

Ellen hit her with the follow up question, asking, “They’re together a lot?”

Kris simply nodded in response.

Yeah, we’re just gonna go ahead and say it — these two are 100 percent back on.