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No matter what, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott will always be linked by their child, Stormi.

But as the pair of amicable exes celebrated Stormi’s second birthday, eyewitnesses say that they seemed less like exes and more like a couple.

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As far as birthday party motifs for two-year-olds go, we have to say that "vore" is a bold choice. (We are mostly kidding)

Okay, so Stormi Webster was born on February 1, 2018. 

Which means that this past Saturday was her birthday. Stormi is now two years old!

When your dad has an artistic flair and your mom is a billionaire, your second birthday is bound to be over-the-top.

Oh, there’s some nightmare fuel for you.

It was a huge event for Stormi as Kylie and Travis pulled out all of the stops.

Despite breaking up last year, the two young parents remain dedicated to co-parenting their sweet young daughter.

And they spared no expense in making sure that it was an over-the-top affair that no other toddler has ever received.

Co-parenting is not the same thing as getting back together … but sometimes, the two become hard to tell apart.

According to TMZ and their eyewitnesses at the party, that seems to be what is happening.

Spies familiar with the couple who watched thier interactions at Stormi’s party noted that they seemed to have rekindled their romance.

When they were together, they were acting more like a couple than like a pair of single parents, the insiders described.

(Oh great, now there’s two nightmares for the price of one!)

Apparently, Kylie and Travis walked into the party together, and remained more or less joined at the hip throughout.

Cynics might say that they were just putting on a show of being side-by-side for Stormi, but that doesn’t quite fit.

To the observers present, it appeared that they are on the verge of reconciliation.

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The one thing that reports are missing was any sign of PDA.

It doesn’t sound like they were making out our silently playing grab-ass with each other during the festivities.

That’s tasteful, since they’re two-year-old parents at their daughter’s birthday party and not teens like Kylie was when she was knocked up.

And just because there was no touchy-feely stuff this time doesn’t mean that there won’t be next time.

Kylie Jenner-Travis Scott Engagement Pic
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Now, reports love to say that Kylie and Travis either love each other or hate each other.

We’re very much inclined to believe this report — that those near them perceived that they are close to reconciling.

But sometimes, the honest perceptions of in-person observers can be inaccurate. Obviously.

It may be that Kylie and Travis have just found a healthy, happy rhythm for co-parenting as friends.

Cute Fam!
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Of course, Kylie Jenner recently revealed that she wants to have four kids by the time that she’s 30.

Some would say that having children, let alone a small army of them, nearly cancels out the perks of being a billionaire.

But what was interesting is that she didn’t say anything, one way or the other, about who the baby daddy for Stormi’s three imaginary siblings would be.

Is she planning to ask Travis to knock her up again? We know from 2017 that it does not take long at all for these two.