Christine Brown Breaks Down on Sister Wives: "It's Been So Hard!"

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Christine Brown stepped into the spotlight on Sister Wives this week.

With recent attention on the struggles between Kody and Christine, and with frequent attention over the past year or so on the unhappiness of Merii Brown...

Christine Brown is Sad

... Christine made it especially clear on Sunday night:

She's also rather miserable these days.

“It’s just so hard. This conversation sucks. It just completely sucks," the irritated spouse said in a confessional while talking to daughter Aspyn about the family's living arrangements on the latest episode of this TLC hit.

Does Christine wish she and Kody and company had remained in Las Vegas?

She wouldn't go that far.

Christine on Sister Wives

“It wasn’t a mistake to move to Flagstaff," Christine continued.

"Even though it’s been a hit, even though it’s not what we wanted, even though it’s been a year and we’re not where we wanted. It wasn’t a mistake. Flagstaff is still where we’re supposed to be.

"It still feels right.”

Despite living in Arizona for so long, the Sister Wives are still unsettled.

Kody Brown with Wives

As has been well-documented on the new season, Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn have been clashing over the family patriarch wanting everyone to live in one giant home.

None of the women like this idea.

On the episodes airing each Sunday night, they're residing in thir rental homes and arguing constantly with Kody over where they're gonna end up.

In this latest case, it all became too much for Christine, who broke down in tears while opening up to Aspyn during a visit to Utah.

Kody Brown Yammers

"It’s been so hard. I can’t tell you how hard it’s been,” the 47-year old told her child, adding;

“I wanna build, I wanna get out there. I’m tired of wasting money everywhere. I just want to build and get out there, all together, and not move again.

"I’m done. I want to stay there forever and ever and ever."

Where did Janelle and Meri come down on the topic? How did they feel this week about the prospect of living on the Coyote Pass property?

“Right now, I feel like it’s never gonna happen,” Janelle said. “It’s this thing we talk about and it’s like I don’t know.”

Meri wasn't any more optimistic.

"I don’t see it happening in the very near future," she said.

Kody, however, remained undeterred, much to the annoyance of basically everyone around him.

Sister Wives, United

"I think we’re on a two-year plan for moving on,” the 51-year-old father of over a dozen kids said about his polygamous palace fantasy, along with his dreams of simply building on the land he purchased so long ago.

Christine concluded by looking on the bright side ... as much as she could.

“It’s hard to see it as a reality sometimes. It is,” she acknowledged. “So I have to stay as positive as I can that we’re going to get out there."

Sister Wives airs at 10/9c on Sunday nights on TLC.

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