Kenya Moore, Marc Daly Implode as Couple in Episode Filmed Day Before Divorce

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Last September, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore and Marc Daly separated

After seeing how Marc betrayed her and disrespected her, it was a welcome event.

Marc Daly and Kenya Moore

On The Real Housewives of Atlanta last night, we saw Kenya express her unhappiness and Marc's explosive tantrum.

It turns out this episode was filmed just one day before they split.

The installment showed Kenya's detestable, toxic husband's on-camera behavior was only getting worse, not better.

Kenya Moore and Marc Daly, Date Night

With Kenya's help, Marc held a benefit in honor of the Black Man Lab, a charity that helps to inspire young black men with role models for success.

"I hate it. I hate it," Marc was caught complaining on a hot mic. "Everybody knows that."

He was referring to Kenya's reality stardom, and also commented: “Save me from the drama."

Kenya Moore and Marc Daly and Daughter

We can understand Marc Daly's gripe. Constant cameras must make it hard to be a controlling, emotionally abusive prick to your wife.

"It’s invasive,” Marc whined to Kenya about the camera presence at the benefit.

Eventually, he went full drama queen, flipping out and yelling at a producer to stop filming the event.

"Tell them that’s it. They can’t film forever. Tell them they got to wrap. …" Marc demanded.

Kenya Moore and Marc Daly for "Bae Day"

"I’m giving you five minutes and then I’m gonna take care of it," Marc declared.

Appearing to threaten the production crew, Marc announced: "If I come back down here it’s going to be ugly."

"I don’t give an F," he snarled. "End it!"

"They’re never gonna see me again after the event," Marc declared. Hey, that's good news!

NeNe Leakes' Eyes Widen in Anger

Even Kenya's sworn enemy, NeNe Leakes, observed that Kenya's happily ever after looks more like an upsetting Lifetime movie.

"Every time I’ve seen Mark and Kenya together, I’ve never seen them lovey-dovey,” NeNe remarked.

“It’s almost like, he’s standing over here and she’s standing over here," she observed. "It’s almost like it’s an agreement."

If NeNe Leakes thinks that your marriage seems tense, loveless, and miserable, you know that you're in trouble.

NeNe Leakes vs Kenya Moore at a Party

Kenya noted to the camera that she wasn't just there as Marc's wife, but had actually helped him to set this up.

We guess that she told viewers because they'd never have known it from Marc.

"I am well-connected in Atlanta and I have put everything in place to help Marc pull off this event. …" Kenya shared.

Marc's behavior often hurts Kenya's feelings. This time, it didn't appear to be from malice, but just thoughtlessness.

Kenya Moore with B Necklace

"This is the time to tell the entire world how much you value your spouse," Kenya opined.

"And it’s crickets,” she characterized.

“I love standing behind Marc as Mrs. Daly," Kenya emphasized, "but I always want to be appreciated at Mrs. Daly and as a partner."

That is not an unreasonable request. Spouses are supposed to love, support, and even like each other.

Cynthia Bailey and Her Hair

Kenya didn't speak only to the camera. She also shared her misery with Cynthia Bailey.

"All of the couples seem to be happy. Just enjoying each other so much," she observed. "I’m just really disappointed."

“I miss the fact that that’s where we used to be," Kenya claimed.

"It was caring and love and everything that anyone could ever hope for looking for a mate," she characterized.

Kenya Moore and Marc Daly

"Looking at where we are now," Kenya reflected, "it’s hurtful to see that we’re not where we used to be."

"Marc is the type where either it’s an all-out, blow-out fight or either he’s being withdrawn," she shared.

Neither of those sound like good or even tolerable qualities in a partner.

"I feel like right now, it’s just a matter of avoidance,” Kenya explained.


She continued: “It’s almost like I avoid anything that might make him upset because I don’t want to fight."

That sounds toxic. That sounds like a description of an emotionally abusive relationship.

"I still don’t know all of Marc’s triggers,” Kenya added. “You feel like you’re crazy. Why is he upset? That is what’s scary."

Alarmingly, she continued: "Because you are in a union with someone that’s suppose to be forever, and you doesn’t know what this person is."

Marc Daly and Kenya Moore, Wedding Kiss

"It’s difficult for him to admit that he does anything wrong,” Kenya shared.

“The nearly three years that we’ve been together," she recalled, "I can remember this man apologizing to me one time."

Did anyone else cup their hands together like a megaphone and yell "LEAVE HIM" at their screens?

We know that we weren't the only ones.

Kenya Moore and Husband

Kenya again spoke to the camera.

"Marc and I are in desperate need to have some intimacy,” she revealed, as if that would solve anything.

“I’m not just always talking about sex," Kenya clarified.

"You know when your husband is acting differently. You notice when he changes his cologne," she reasoned.

Kenya Moore, Glowing Selfie

"You know when your husband changes his habits, the way he speaks to you," Kenya continued.

She opined: "All women have the innate sense of what is going on in their relationship."

When asked if these changes in Marc scared her, Kenya replied:  "yeah."

"There are a lot of things that we’re going through that I did not anticipate," Kenya admitted.

Kenya Moore on the Red Carpet

"If you can’t fix the things that are wrong, it’s just going to create this crack,” Kenya said of relationships.

“I don’t want to be single," she expressed, "but I want to have my fairytale that I had."

"I feel like, you know, I definitely want to make it work," Kenya expressed. "But I’m not sure [if he wants to]."

The very next day, Kenya and Marc announced their long-overdue separation.

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